Friends at the entrance to Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Friends at Golden Gate Bridge entrance in the Presidio, San Francisco; (c) Soul Of America

San Francisco

Despite a smaller black population due to gentrification, the Soul of San Francisco still pops with style and a progressive black mayor. Now if only they can get the Homeless problem under control.

San Francisco’s history preceded the Gold Rush

Cultural Sites
Museum of the African Diaspora, the Legacy of Willie Brown

Restaurants & Nightclubs
The dining scene is dynamic and unpredictable

Shops & Galleries
Black-owned shops losing to gentrification

Golden Gate Park
Above all else, the City does it right

Heritage Sites
From Underground Railroad Terminus to Historic Black Churches

Couple visiting Haight-Ashbury district, San Francisco

Couple visiting Haight-Ashbury district, San Francisco

Black Wineries in Wine Country
The name says it all.

Fillmore District
The Heart of Black San Francisco since World War II

1300 Fillmore Supperclub
A special eatery in a soulful place

General Attractions
Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, and the list goes on

The Embarcadero
What’s so special about a boulevard in the City?

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Family Attractions
We highly recommend the Imaginarium for curious minds

Philanthropic patrons make the Arts strong in SF

Black Spas
Yes, you can still find Black-owned spas here.

The Presidio
A former military base turned grand public park

Riding The Rails In Wine Country
A Bay Area day trip that most adults should take

San Mateo County
A drive down the peninsula South unlocks more travel treasures

Trivia & Famous Residents
You might be surprised by its Black athlete & celebrity list



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