San Diego Trivia

Hi-Tech industry and tourism compete with military for impact on the region. The economy no longer lives and dies based on a war ending or loss if a large defense contract.

Given a large military presence in the region with an emphasis on desegregation, interracial couples are commonplace – and not just Brothers With Others!

The fast growing San Diego metro area has about 3.5 million residents.

San Diego’s African American population is nearly 200,000.

There are 4,000 African-American businesses in the region.

For years downtown San Diego was filled with a sailor’s delight — tattoo parlors, tacky gift shops, strip joints and the world’s oldest profession. Condo, hotel, office, retail and dining construction has practically chased them all away.

Radio Stations

88.3 FM, Jazz, Blues
90.3 FM, Hip Hop, R&B
92.5 FM, R&B
98.1 FM, Jazz, Gospel
1040 AM, Gospel

Famous Residents

Famous persons born in San Diego or made their mark in the region include:

Nathaniel Harrison – In 1848, he was the first African American to settle in San Diego and acquired a 160-acre farm
Fred Coleman – In 1869, he discovered gold, which established a gold-rush boomtown in Coleman City, in eastern San Diego County
America Newton – In 1872, she became the first black female settler in the region and went on to become a wealthy business and land-owner
Margaret and Albert Robinson – In 1887, they established the African-American-owned Hotel Robinson in downtown San Diego
Paula – 2007 Carnival Queen of San Diego
Fatburger – Jazz band
Marshall Faulk – All-Pro NFL running back attended San Diego State University
Tony Gwynn – One of the greatest hitters in Major League Baseball history
Karen Huff – Founder of San Diego’s Black Historical Society

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