Black History Museum, Richmond

Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia in Jackson Ward, Richmond; credit Richmond CVB


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Richmond was the Birthplace of African-American Entrpreneurism. The roots of their freedom began with more than 5,000 African Americans who fought for America’s liberty from Great Britain … More

Cultural Sites
Richmond Black History Museum and Cultural Center housed in a Neoclassical-style structure built in 1832 and purchased by Maggie L. Walker in 1922, now serves as a cultural center for visual, oral and written records and artifacts … More

Restaurants and Nightclubs
Croaker’s Spot, The Nile Restaurant, Taylor Mansion Restaurant, Ballieaux Restaurant, Soul Food and barbecue joints have dotted the landscape … More

Shops and Galleries
Elegba Folklore Society hosts a gem of an art gallery and cultural center that features Afrocentric paintings, sculpture, drawings, dolls, original art cards and other cultural crafts and artifacts … More

General Attractions
Kanawha Canal Walk, a 32-acre riverfront project stretches along a 1.25-mile corridor from the historic Tredegar Iron Works site and Brown’s Island to the Triple Crossing — a dramatic intersection of three railroad lines … More

Family Attractions
Now owned by the Cedarfair theme parks, King’s Dominion has broadened its range of thrill rides, family rides, live shows, waterworks, and dining options. Among the thrill rides, few are more exhilarating than … More

Richmond is blessed with fine museums such as Virginia Center for Architecture, Virginia Historical Society, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Edgar Allan Poe Museum, Old Dominion Railway Museum, Virginia Aviation Museum … More

Truth About The Help
A significant class of Southern African American women evolved from the legacy of slavery into esteemed domestic workers, who also became champions in the Civil Rights Movement. Those noble activities ranged from supporting the Montgomery Bus Boycott to … More

Heritage Sites
St. Luke Penny Savings Bank, founded by Maggie L. Walker, is one of 3 prominent African American banks that merged to form Consolidated Bank & Trust Company … More

The Battle of New Market Heights
If you liked the Hollywood movie Glory, you will love the true story of the Civil War Battle of New Market Heights near Richmond … More

Trivia, Radio and Famous Residents
In 1888, America’s first electric streetcar system began operation in Richmond, the home of world famous tap dancer, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson … More

Events held in Richmond unless indicated otherwise … More   

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