Ujamaa Collective in Pittsburgh

Ujamaa Collective in the Hill District of Pittsburgh; (c) Soul Of America

Pittsburgh Shops & Galleries

Ujamaa Collective
DESCRIPTION: strives to promote small business ownership, particularly among African American women, advancing their self-sufficiency, entrepreneurial and creative outlet needs; their weekly gatherings are a platform for entrepreneurs in the Hill District.
DAYS & HOURS: Saturdays
ADDRESS: Centre Ave at Grove Street, Pittsburgh, PA MAP
PARKING: on street
PHONE: 412-512-2680
WEBSITE: http://www.ujamaacollective.org

Wood Street Emporium
DESCRIPTION: Afrocentric books, clothes, jewelry, masks, statues, magnets, incense, oils, music, drums, gift wrap, wall hangings, sunglasses, prayer rugs, pictures and much more.
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Thu 10a-6p, Fri 10a-6p, Sat 10a-7p
ADDRESS: 1019 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA MAP
PARKING: on street
PHONE: 412-244-1155

Ike Wear 36
DESCRIPTION: Hip Hop clothing boutique; opened in 1999 by a brother who grew up in the Hill District; one of the first to sell with FUBU and Nappy Headz clothing; also features his own sportswear, male & female T-shirts, pullovers, hoodies and thermos for the cold winters.
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Tue 1p-630p, Wed-Thu 1p-7p, Fri-Sat 1p-9p
ADDRESS: 648 Herron Ave, Pittsburgh, PA MAP
PARKING: on street
PHONE: 412-482-2006

Oscars Limited
DESCRIPTION: Large selection of gift items
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Fri 9a-5p
ADDRESS: 555 Lincoln Ave, Suite B11, Pittsburgh, PA MAP
PARKING: on street
PHONE: 412-732-0238

Holland Specialty Shop
DESCRIPTION: Ethnic T-shirts and other urban wear.
DAYS & HOURS: daily 10a-6p
ADDRESS: 5933 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA MAP
PARKING: on street
PHONE: 412-661-8787

Blemah Doo’s African Marketplace
DESCRIPTION: Authentic African garments, fabrics, carving; African weddings are their specialty.
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Sat 11a-6p
ADDRESS: 221 East 8th Ave, Homestead, PA MAP
PARKING: on street
PHONE: 412-461-3551


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