The Roots Picnic, Philadelphia

The Roots Picnic performing in Philadelphia


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No matter what site in Philadelphia interests you, a local Cheesesteak often nudges into the conversation. But Black Culture, Heritage and Art runs far deeper in Philly.

The history of Philly can not be written without Richard Allen.

Cultural Sites
Black Culture shines in The City of Brotherly Love.

Celebrating freedom at the Liberty Bell

Celebrating freedom at the Liberty Bell; (c) Soul Of America

Restaurants & Nightclubs
See which restaurants, cafes & nightclubs survived the pandemic.

Places of Worship
Mother Bethel AME Mother Church began here for a reason.

See why its list of accolades is so long.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak
How many times have you heard that no city makes a better cheesesteak?

Abolitionist Heritage
Philly was an early stop on the northern segment of the Underground Railroad.

Shops & Galleries
Be amazed at the rebirth of shops and galleries.

Yowie Boutique
A Design Destination on South Street featured on Cuisine Noir.

Acrobatic brothers performing at Odunde Festival, Philadelphia

Acrobatic brothers performing at Odunde Festival; credit M Edlow

Spas & Innkeeper
We lost a lot from the pandemic.

The Sound Of Philadelphia
Guess who gave Motown a run for the money?

Historic Sites
The city had one of the largest Free Blacks populations during Slavery.

Family Attractions
The Ben Franklin Institute is a must for family visits.

David Dorsey on South Street

David Dorsey on South Street, Philadelphia; (c) Soul Of America

General Attractions
Independence National Historic Park is a history lesson without boredom.

Few American cities can match the breadth & depth of live theater here.

Trivia & Famous Residents
Patti LaBelle, Jill Scott, Grover Washington, The Roots and more.


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