Acrobatic brothers performing at Odunde Festival, Philadelphia

Acrobatic brothers performing at Odunde Festival; credit M Edlow


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No matter what site or event in Philadelphia interests visitors, a local Cheesesteak often nudges into the conversation.


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The City of Brotherly Love has a density of black cultural sites, theaters, churches, historic sites, general attractions, performing arts, restaurants, galleries, and nightclubs that few American cities can match. With a location near the Mason-Dixon Line, Philly was destined to be a critical location for the Underground Railroad. The dances and culture of free men of color and former slaves were founts of creativity.

They made it possible for The Sound of Philadelphia music, Philadanco, two black treater groups to attract local talent and hone them into premiers entertainment. Philly festivals can also be counted among America’s best. And yet, the contest for Philly Cheesesteak always nudges into the conversation for visitors.


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