Oakland Heritage Sites

Oakland Heritage Sites

Oakland Heritage Sites are the stuff of legends. Few cities can boast of features similar to the Black Party Party headquarters, the first black-owned major newspaper and innovative Allen Temple Baptist Church.

Oakland Tribune Tower
DESCRIPTION: Home of the first major metropolitan newspaper owned by an African American, the late Robert Maynard, who was also Editor in Chief; the building is dramatically lit at night and stands out amongst the Oakland skyline
ADDRESS: 1200 Broadway, Oakland, CA MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 12th Street/City Center BART Station

Ronald Dellums Federal Building
DESCRIPTION: Twin dramatic skyscrapers puncture the Oakland skyline much as the man, Ronald Dellums, pushed through legislation in 25+ years as a distinguished former US Congressman
ADDRESS: 1301 Clay Street, Oakland, CA MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 12th Street/City Center BART Station

C. L. Dellums Oakland Amtrak Station
DESCRIPTION: A striking modern train station honoring C L Dellums, co-founder of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters in 1925; at that time railroad workers were nearly one third of documented African American wage earners
ADDRESS: Embarcadero at Jack London Village, Oakland, CA MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: Lake Merritt BART Station

Black Panther Party’s First Office
DESCRIPTION: Although Huey Newton and Bobby Seale wrote the party’s founding principles on 15 October 1966 at 5500 Market Street, the first office of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was here; the founding principles called for adequate housing, jobs, education, and end to police brutality; its fitting that the building is a source of jobs in its renovated role — Its All Good Bakery
ADDRESS: 5624 Martin Luther King Way, Oakland, CA MAP

Black Panther Party Stoplight
DESCRIPTION: As David Hilliard of the Black Panther Party attests, many children had previously been killed or injured in traffic accidents at this intersection; many requests by the public for a stoplight were ignored, in 1967, the Black Panther Party exerted enough pressure on City Hall to finally get a stop light installed
ADDRESS: 55th Street at Market Street, Oakland, CA MAP

McClymonds High School
DESCRIPTION: It was “the school” when African-Americans were restricted from attending other high schools in the East Bay. The long list of famous alumni include Bill Russell and the Pointer Sisters. The structure is still maintained and in use as a high school.
ADDRESS: 26th Street at Myrtle Street, Oakland, CA MAP

DeFremery Park
DESCRIPTION: A historic, well maintained park and community center; the venue for many Black Panther Party of Self Defense community outreach programs, rallies for jobs and against police brutality; includes tennis and basketball courts and a playground
ADDRESS: 18th Street at Adeline Street, Oakland, CA MAP

First AME Church
DESCRIPTION: A congregation of more than 800; founded in 1858 and established the first school for African Americans in the East Bay; youth and job placement programs; FAME moved to this distinguished building in 1954
ADDRESS: 530 37th Street, Oakland, CA MAP
PHONE: 510-655-1527
WEBSITE: http://www.fameoakland.org

Allen Temple Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1919; Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr. leads this 6,000 member congregation and nationally acclaimed church, noted for providing substantial elderly housing and economic development in the community; its recently completed Family Life Center hosts a credit union and ministries for AIDS patients, youth outreach, crisis prevention, as well as a basketball court, social events, fashion shows, marriage counseling and much more; you’ll love the stained galls window and choir; stop by and be blessed
ADDRESS: 8501 International Blvd, Oakland, CA MAP
PHONE: 510-569-9418
WEBSITE: http://www.allen-temple.org

Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ
DESCRIPTION: An anointed church doing great things with and for its growing congregation that enjoys a North and South Campus within walking distance of each other
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a, 11:30a & 6p
ADDRESS: 27689 Tyrrell Avenue, Hayward, CA MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: South Hayward BART Station
PHONE: 510-783-9377
WEBSITE: http://www.gladtidingscogic.org


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