Norfolk Trivia

Norfolk Trivia begins in Southeast Virginia, with Norfolk anchoring a 2 million person metro area that includes Virginia Beach, Hampton, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Newport News, Yorktown and Williamsburg.

African Americans number over 460,000 in the metro area.

One day the Tide Light Rail system will extend from Norfolk to the shorefront of Virginia Beach, including a stop near Norfolk Amtrak Station. Can’t wait!

With the James River and Elizabeth River as the main inland bodies of water, Norfolk has over 140 miles of shoreline, waterways and wetlands, which provide its natural charm.

Given its location near the Mid-Atlantic Coast and possessing the world’s largest harbor, Norfolk is the perfect home to one of America’s three largest naval fleets.

The Intracoastal Waterway mile-marker #1 at Virginia Beach is like a homing beacon to recreational boaters from as far north as Boston and as far south as Brownsville, Texas.

Famous Residents

Persons born in the Norfolk region or made their mark here:

Pharrell Williams – Happy singer and music producer
Dred Scott – Born in Southhampton County; Legally challenged the legal basis of slavery for himself and family; initially won his freedom, then the Supreme Court Decision struck down his freedom, speeding the inevitability of Civil War
Booker T. Washington – Graduated from Hampton Institute and founded Tuskegee Institute
Nat Turner – Led a slave revolt in the nearby Southhampton County
Ella Fitzgerald – Norfolk birthplace of the 1st Lady of Jazz
Joseph Jenkins Roberts – Became the 1st President of Liberia in 1809
Benjamin F. Howard – Founded the 1st African American Elks lodge
Harvey N. Johnson – 1st Black architect for important buildings in the region
Dr. William R. Harvey – President of Hampton University whose leadership attracted modern buildings and rising entrance scores
Rev. Joseph N. Green – President of renovated Crispus Attucks Theatre & Cultural Center

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