St. Johns AME Church, Norfolk Heritage Sites

St. Johns AME Church, Norfolk

Norfolk Heritage Sites

Eureka Lodge
DESCRIPTION: Formed in 1897 under the leadership of Benjamin F. Howard, it was the First African-American Elks Lodge in the world. A social and leisure club, Eureka was also the site of many fundraisers to benefit national and local charities. Norfolk State University and Norfolk Community Hospital were special beneficiaries of the Elks’ work. In 1940, the Eureka Lodge severed its ties with the national Elks.
ADDRESS: 5127 East Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, VA MAP
Eureka Lodge is now at 3016 East Princess Anne Road, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-543-6531

New Journal & Guide
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1900, it is the nation’s third oldest Black newspaper and has a 25,000-reader circulation.
ADDRESS: 362 Campostella Road, Norfolk, VA
PHONE: 757-543-6531

First Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Organized by David Biggs and Thomas Everidge in 1800 with the support of many free and enslaved African Americans and Anglo-Americans. By 1816, when the church had a large number of black congregates and whites left to start their own church. Worship continued in the original church until 1930, when the congregation moved to this larger. Tour this National Historic Landmark and museum by appt.
ADDRESS: 418 East Bute Street, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-622-6701

First Calvary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Among the best early 20th century black churches in Virginia. The church has grown and prospered among Norfolk’s large and active Black Baptist community.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7a and 11a
ADDRESS: 813 Henry Street, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-622-7418

St. John’s AME Church
DESCRIPTION: The church was founded in 1840 as a mission for Negro slaves. In 1863, it was officially received into the AME church becoming the Mother AME Church of the region. This edifice was built 1888. St. John’s was the largest edifice for African Americans in Norfolk. The earliest in a series of churches erected in the city. It features a Hall of Pastors, museum of the church’s historical artifacts, including the original organ.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a and 11a
ADDRESS: 545 East Bute Street, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-625-2713

Greater Metropolitan AME Zion Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded after a split into two churches in 1833, with one becoming the Colored Congregational Church.
ADDRESS: 822 East Brambleton Avenue, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-627- 9080

Mount Carmel Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: One of the newer edifices near Church Street in Norfolk’s Black Baptist community.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a, 9:30a and 7p
ADDRESS: 1100 Church Street, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-623-7101

Basilica of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception
DESCRIPTION: A landmark building and home to the oldest parish community, which is part of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond. The church began accepting African Americans to worship in the choir loft in 1886. Today it has a predominantly African American congregation.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 9a and Noon Mass
ADDRESS: 232 Chapel Street, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-622-4487

Garden of Prayer Temple
DESCRIPTION: A modern temple with with a large pentecostal congregation.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 11a and 7p
ADDRESS: 1001 Church Street, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-622-1300

United House of Prayer for All People
DESCRIPTION: A modern temple with statues in front greet all people for service.
ADDRESS: 1206 Church Street, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-640-8454

St. Paul CME Church
DESCRIPTION: The Largest Christian Methodist Episcopal congregation in Norfolk.
ADDRESS: 310 East Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-625-6079

Mason Memorial COGIC
DESCRIPTION: This is a church on the move with many community programs and daycare center.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 11:30a and 7:30p
ADDRESS: 744 Goff Street off Church Street, Norfolk, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-622-1532

Emanuel AME Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1857, experience church benches built by our ancestors both free and enslaved.
ADDRESS: 637 North Street, Portsmouth, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-393-2259

New St. Mark Church of God in Christ
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 2004, the church pastor and congregation have brought new life to an old edifice. The church prides itself empowering believers to fullfill God’s purpose.
ADDRESS: 609 Washington Street, Portsmouth, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-399-5273

The Battle of Great Bridge
DESCRIPTION: Site features a marker where the Black Ethiopian Regiment fought Americans on behalf of the British in the Revolutionary War.
ADDRESS: Battlefield Parkway, look for the marker in Chesapeake, VA MAP

Nat Turner Uprising Site
DESCRIPTION: Nat Turner, a visionary and heroic leader to 70 escaped people for ending slavery by any means necessary. A villain to others because on 21-22 August 1831 his uprising killed 60 people. He went plantation to plantation freeing slaves. Turner was not captured until 30 October 1831 when ammunition ran out. He and about 18 others were hanged in Jerusalem, VA on 11 November 1831. After his death, many laws were toughened to prevent future slave uprisings. Though many of the raided homes remain, they are in private hands — no visitors allowed.
ADDRESS: Courtland, VA MAP
PHONE: 757-723-2696; ask for Khalifa of UBUS to schedule a Nat Turner Trail Tour

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