Underground Railroad historic marker at Fond du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee Historic Sites

Underground Railroad historic marker at Fond du Lac Avenue; (c) Soul Of America

Milwaukee Historic Sites

Forest Home Cemetery
DESCRIPTION: African American leaders buried here include Civil War hero John Miles; The Halls of History building includes information on several prominent African Americans such as Miles, William T Green and Ezekiel Gillespie
ADDRESS: 2405 West Forest Home Avenue, Milwaukee, WI MAP
PHONE: 414-645-2632

Underground Railroad Station Historical Marker
DESCRIPTION: Carolyn Quarelles Watkins, a runaway slave from St Louis, was hidden on the Samuel Brown farm formerly at this location; from there she and others eventually found their way to freedom in the province of Ontario, Canada; today the Fony Farmer’s Market is nearby
ADDRESS: North 17th Ave at West Fond du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, WI MAP

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
DESCRIPTION: One of the largest collections of African American periodicals and archival material in US; numerous documents on CORE, SNCC, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the NAACP papers of Daisy Bates; linked to the University of Wisconsin at Madison
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Thu 8a-9p, Fri-Sat 8a-5p
ADDRESS: 816 State Street, Madison, WI MAP
PHONE: 608-264-6534

Kenosha County Historical Society Museum
DESCRIPTION: Extensive collection of documents covering the Underground Railroad; walking tours of Underground Railroad stations
DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Fri 10a-4:30p, Sat-Sun 2p-4:30p
ADDRESS: 6300 Third Avenue, Kenosha, WI MAP
PHONE: 262-654-5770

Underground Railroad Homes
DESCRIPTION: Homes in Kenosha that served as Underground Railroad Stations
ADDRESSES: Deacon Joseph Qualis barn at 6306 8th Ave MAP
Pastor Deming’s at 426 Park Ave, Kenosha, WI MAP
Deacon Smith’s at 109 Congress Street, Kenosha, WI MAP
John Bullen’s at 6027 7th Avenue, Kenosha, WI MAP
PHONE: 800-654-7309

Lincoln Tallman House
DESCRIPTION: Underground Railroad Station; 20 room brick house includes hiding places in basement, attic and roof
ADDRESS: 440 Jackson Street, Janesville, WI MAP
PHONE: 800-487-2757

Milton House
DESCRIPTION: This home was an Underground Railroad Station built in 1844 by Joseph Goodrich; he was a friend of Sojourner Truth
ADDRESS: 18 South Janesville Street, Milton, WI MAP
PHONE: 608-868-7772
WEBSITE: http://www.miltonhouse.org

Steelworkers Union Hall
DESCRIPTION: Underground Railroad Station, formerly a 26-room Carpenter Mansion
ADDRESS: 1620 Shore Drive, Beloit, Rock County, WI MAP
PHONE: 800-423-5648


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