Miami Trivia

Miami Trivia

Miami-Fort Lauderdale Metroplex has the nation’s 4th largest African-American and Afro-Caribbean migration since 1990. Today, it has over 700,000 African-Americans and 18,000 black businesses.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale Metroplex can boast of an inordinately large 6,000 restaurants.

The cruise industry in Miami and Fort Lauderdale has grown to over $9 billion annually.

Despite South Florida’s proximity to the yearly path of hurricanes, it is amazing that the vast majority skip by without major damage.

Years of hurricane experience have taught locals to build high capacity drainage systems, hurricane resistant structures and heed evacuation warnings.

Radio Stations

91.7 FM WWLO – Hip Hop, R&B
93.9 FM WLVE – Jazz
99.1 FM& WEDR – Hip Hop, R&B
105.1 FM WHQT – R&B
1490 AM WMBM – Gospel

Famous Residents

Natives of South Florida or those who made a major impact while living here include:

Ebenezer Stirrup – Among the earliest homeowners in Miami
Dana A. Dorsey – Early entrepreneur
Ray Lewis – NFL middle linebacker
Gedar Walker – Entrepreneur, built the Lyric Theatre
Joseph Caleb – Famous union leader and martyr
Edwin Holland – Dance company founder
H.T. Smith Attorney activist who of the Miami tourism boycott that triggered public officials to consider the rebuilding of the Royal Palm by a Black-owner/developer – Don Peeples
Donohue Peeples – Builder of the Royal Palm Resort
Dorothy J. Fields – Founder of Miami Black Archives, History & Research Center
Dr. James Sistrunk – Businessman & hospital founder
Dr. Von Mizell – Black hospital founder
Leona Collins – South Florida educator and hospital founder
Andy Ingraham – Founder and president of the National Black Hoteliers organization

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