Urban life painting by J Soimaud at Yeelen Gallery, Miami Shops & Galleries

Yeelen Gallery, Miami

Miami Shops & Galleries

The Miami Shops & Galleries scene in is robust, but African-American-owned shops and galleries have been severely challenged since the Great Recession. Lets hope that Yeelen Art Gallery anchors a strong comeback this decade.

Yeelen Art Gallery
DESCRIPTION: Yeelen means “Brightness” in Bambara, a West African dialect. For many years, Yeelen’s was a quintessential corner shop was a fixture in Little Haiti’s landscape where community life plays out. The gallery recently moved to this larger 10,000 square foot space enablong larger exhibitions and special events. When open, the gallery is vibrantly animated and offers many characters like the shop owner, the talker, Casanova, the baller and of course, the art collector.
DAYS & HOURS: appt only
ADDRESS: 294 54th Street, NW, Miami, FL MAP
PHONE: 954-235-4758
WEBSITE: https://www.yeelengroup.com

Out of Africa
DESCRIPTION: A premiere African store in Miami featuring music, djembes, jewelry and adornment, spears, Massai wedding collars, chairs, stools, mud cloth from Mali, Dogon doors, reliquaries, Moroccan platters, and authentic masks from 17 countries including among others tribal masks from the Igbo, Guro, Nyamwezi, Yoruba, Bobo, Baoule, Dogon, Senufo, Fang, Kwele, and Bambara. It also offers incense, oils, soaps, and African shea butter, and tropical clothing in Coconut Grove shopping district.
DAYS & HOURS: daily 10a-5p
ADDRESS: 2911 Grand Avenue, Miami, FL MAP
PHONE: 305-445-5900

Little Havana To Go
DESCRIPTION: One of the best Cuban souvenir stores in South Florida with everything from cigars, coffee, flags, T-shirts and ‘bones; also features author readings, cultural events and a healthy compliment of cards, posters and gift items
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Sat 10a-6p, Sun 10a-4p
ADDRESS: 1442 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL MAP
PHONE: 305-857-9720

Caribbean Marketplace
DESCRIPTION: Haitian immigrants make this collection of street-side open-air kiosks a colorful shopping and people place
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Sat 10a-9p, Sun 10a-7p
ADDRESS: 5925-27 2nd Avenue, NE, Miami, FL MAP
PHONE: 305-751-2251

Pages of Life Bible Bookstore and Record Shop
DESCRIPTION: Bibles, other books, audio and video cassettes of sermons and Black gospel music from traditional to contemporary
DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Fri 10:30a-6p, Sat 10:30-6p
ADDRESS: 13747 7th Avenue, NW, Miami, FL MAP
PHONE: 305-688-5712

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