Mason Temple COGIC, Memphis Places of Worship

Mason Temple Church of God in Christ, Memphis

Memphis Places of Worship

Collins Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
DESCRIPTION: This church was founded in 1841 as the “Mother Church” of the Christian Methodist Episcopal denomination. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.
ADDRESS: 678 Washington Avenue, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-525-2872

First Baptist Beale Street Church
DESCRIPTION: The congregation began in 1853 in the Beale Street residence of Rev. Scott Keys before moving to the basement of a white church in 1863. In 1869, it moved to this structure, which is the first multi-story church constructed of bricks by and for African Americans. It became the first African-American Missionary Baptist Church in the USA. Ida B. Wells published her newspaper here for a time. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
ADDRESS: 379 Beale Avenue, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-522-9073

Clayborn Temple AME Church
DESCRIPTION: Purchased from the Second Presbyterian Church, by the 13th District of the AME Church in 1949, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev. Jim Lawson and many other Civil Rights leaders were guest speakers at this historic church. It served as a prime launching station for civil rights rallies in the 1960s. It was the starting point for Rev. Dr. King’s last march in Memphis and the location of where the Sanitation Workers Agreement was announced on 16 April 1968.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: edifice being restored.
ADDRESS: 294 Hernando Street, Memphis, TN MAP

Greater Imani Church
DESCRIPTION: Organized in 1989, Greater Imani is a God-chasing, trail blazing, Holy Ghost-led body of Bible believers, anchored in the truth of God’s Holy Word. At least that’s how that describe it. Organized on 1 November 1989, this mega-church exudes a positive Afrocentric influence in its decor and congregation.
ADDRESS: 3034 Austin Peay Highway, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-274-6711

Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1921, it is the First African-American congregation in the city of Memphis to belong to the brotherhood of Christian Churches. It was first located at 974-978 Mississippi Boulevard. It is one of the fastest growing congregations in Memphis.
ADDRESS: 70 North Bellevue Blvd, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-729-6222

Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ
DESCRIPTION: It is one of the two anchor COGIC churches in Memphis, the other being Mason Temple. The church was founded by Biship Gilbert Earl Patterson (1939-2007) who also appeared on a national TV program.
ADDRESS: 547 Mississippi Blvd, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-521-9160

Mason Temple Church of God in Christ
DESCRIPTION: Officially opened in 1945, this edifice is International Headquarters for the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), whose congregation size is second only to the National Baptist Convention USA. Bishop C.H. Mason, founder of COGIC, is interred on church grounds. As the largest Black church in Memphis at the time, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. came to help organize a non-violent protest on behalf of striking sanitation workers. On the eve of 3 April 1968, he delivered his last speech here known as “The Mountaintop” which had an ominous premonition of his death. Many get their first visit to Memphis when attending the church’s annual convocation, which has a huge economic impact on the city. The 400-member Gospel choir is led by an award-winning musical director. The edifice is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: Now its only the administrative office of COGIC.
ADDRESS: 938 Mason Street, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-947-9300

Full Gospel Tabernacle
DESCRIPTION: Famous for its former soul singer, now pastor Al Green. If you plan to see him, confirm that he’s preaching before you stop by.
ADDRESS: 787 Hale Road, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-396-9192

New Salem Missionary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1928 by Rev. and Mrs. Bridgewater, Phillip Hubbard, Julia Smith-Ransom and others, it seems this has been a growing, independent Baptist church ever since. This church edifice opened in 1984.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 10:30a & 7:30p
ADDRESS: 2231 South Parkway East, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-452-7265

Temple Church of God in Christ
DESCRIPTION: Bishop G.E. Patterson co-pastored this historic church before a rift in the church hierarchy led him to found Temple of Deliverance COGIC.
ADDRESS: 672 South Lauderdale Street, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-774-1572

Second Congregational United Church of Christ
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1868, it is the oldest unaltered church in Memphis designed and built by black artisans for a black congregation. The church is also associated with LeMoyne-Owen College.
ADDRESS: 764 Walker Avenue, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-946-9493
WEBSITE: http://

Centenary United Methodist Church
DESCRIPTION: This church played a prominent role in the Civil Rights Movement when Rev Jim Lawson was pastor. Rev. Lawson, relocated to a church in Los Angeles, was a colleague of Dr. King and fellow practitioner of non-violent protest for positive social change. The church is now called Asbury AME Church.
ADDRESS: 583 East McLemore, Memphis, TN MAP
PHONE: 901-774-7604


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