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Jets at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Louisville Transportation


Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, (SDF) is a midsize airport known more for UPS cargo shipments than people. Nevertheless, SDF Airport is modern and has non-stop flights between Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta and Miami. The small terminal includes a handful of gift shops, a bourbon cafe and mediation room. SDF AIRPORT TERMINAL MAP

Car Rental agencies serving the airport include Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Roadway and Thrifty. SDF airport is only 7-10 minutes south of Downtown. Taxis by Ready Cab Company (502-417-4406), Transit Authority of River City (502-585-1234), Waterway River Transit (812-981-7060) and Yellow Cab (502-637-6511) greet you outside the terminal.

Train Station

Historic stone-covered Louisville Union Station is in good shape. Unfortunately, this grand old train station has no Amtrak or other passenger service at this time. Since Louisville-Indianapolis-Chicago is designated a U.S. High Speed Rail Corridor, it is eligible for future federal funding. But its a lower priority than Cincinnati-Indianapolis-Chicago corridor, so their is no realistic date for a resumption of service.


Driving Tour of Louisville
The following is a list of historical markers in traditionally African American communities, as well as other sites of historical significance to African Americans in Louisville and surrounding Jefferson County:

• Arterburn Brothers Slave Pens at First and Main Streets
• Louisville Cemetery on Poplar Level Road
• Garrison Slave Pens at First and Jefferson Streets
• Parkland Historic Community at 28th Street, and Virginia Avenue
• Smoketown Historic Community at Hancock and Broadway
• William Walker Memorial at Louisville Cemetery, 1339 Poplar Level Road
• Walnut Street Retrospective at Sixth Street and Muhammad Ali Blvd

Transit Authority of River City
This trolley is a convenient Hop-on, Hop-off system that circulates to many downtown and riverfront attractions in Louisville. The best place to catch it is at Fourth Street Live entertainment district, where you can enjoy a beverage and peoplewatch while waiting. Its runs every 10-15 minutes, depending on the weekday, weekend and after-hours.

Shockey Tours
ADDRESS: 11117 Decimal Drive, Louisville, KY
PHONE: 800-633-4147 or 502-267-4007

Specialize in general tours of Louisville
ADDRESS: 1939 Goldsmith Lane, Suite 100
PHONE: 502-456-2774

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville on the Ohio River


Belle of Louisville Steamboat
A National Historic Landmark and still transporting passengers along the beautiful Ohio River since 1915,she continues to beckon all who visit this fair city. For those who forgot their Civics lessons, the Ohio River is the major link between East Coast cities and the mighty Mississippi River. Before airplanes, commerce on the river shaped Louisville and to this day provides one the nicest welcomes to the city for every visitor.
ADDRESS: Fourth Street Wharf, Downtown, Louisville, KY
PHONE: 504-574-2992
WEBSITE: http://www.belleoflouisville.org


Louisville Freeway System is well matched to its daily traffic volume. Situated at the intersection of Interstate Freeways 64, 65, and 71, Louisville is only 90 minutes from Cincinnati, 2-hours from Indianapolis, 2 1/2 hours from Nashville and less than 5 hours from St. Louis. An efficient freeway network for its metro area size gets you quickly to downtown, the airport and suburbs.


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