Las Vegas Trivia

Las Vegas Trivia

With nearly 2 million residents prior to the Great Recession, Las Vegas was the fastest growing big city in America.

Las Vegas is located in a desert valley between the Sierra Mountains and a smaller mountain range. That topography contributes to incredible red rock formations in the region.

One of America’s most popular destinations, Las Vegas receives 30 million annual visitors.

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport usually ranks as the 6th busiest airport in North America.

The light beam atop Luxor Casino Resort is so bright, it can be seen from space.

In what may be world record for construction in one year, the Las Vegas Strip had over $15 billion of resort construction projects (Mandalay Bay, Paris, Planet Hollywood Resort, The Wynn and Palazzo) underway within 2 linear miles in 2007.

Las Vegas might be the last major city in America still building its freeway network.

African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans account for 25% of gaming & travel revenue in Las Vegas.

In the late 1940s before atomic radiation risks were fully understood, the Department of Defense used to explode atomic bombs only a few miles north of Las Vegas. People used to view atomic mushroom explosions like they were attending laser light show today.

Dice Girls mural, Las Vegas

Dice Girls mural, Las Vegas

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