Mystere Review

Mystere performer

Mystère Review

Mystere takes audiences on an journey like Alice and Wonderland, where the end seems like the beginning. Opening with a clown who does cheerful things with popcorn, the show ascends with lively sounds and soaring vocals. Then the journey unfolds a wide palette of brilliant colors and more richly textured sound by accomplished musicians and vocalists. The custom-designed, acoustically-tuned theatre makes the most of it by filling all angles of your ears. The international cast of dancers fill the stage and sometimes, aisles, so get seats in the middle for full effect. No matter where you sit the acrobats will get you cheering out of your seat with phenomenal performances.

From the most graceful dancers and trapeze acts to the least significant imps wandering around, the lavish costumes and riveting sets still drape you in this theatrical circus of the bizarre. Even the perky clown, captures your imagination between acts when he tosses objects in the crowd, makes whimsical utterances and does other funny things you’d least expect. In fact, the clown typifies Cirque du Soleil’s trademark element of surprise. Though its storyline is surreal and draws the occasional, “why did they do that”, it never drifts to the absurd.

Watch as aerial acrobats catapult above the stage. They used to do acts without a net. Now they do more difficult acts with a net for hand-to-hand and hand-to-leg catches that require the utmost in concentration, precision, timing and years of trust. Your mouth will be agape as they confidently pass within inches of each other executing imaginative and dangerous acts high above you. And you won’t feel guilty pleasure because they tried something great, but missed a catch.

As the oldest Cirque du Soleil production and most award-winning “Production Show” in Las Vegas, it set the standard for high-end acrobatic entertainment. Even today with tremendous competition on the Strip, Mystère still dazzles with artistry and athleticism that earn every cheer. A show so nice, many see it twice or thrice.

Venue: Treasure Island


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