Medgar Evers, Jackson Trivia

Medgar Evers, a Civil Rights Movement icon

Jackson Trivia

Jackson has become a major distribution center between Memphis, New Orleans, Dallas and Atlanta.

Jackson is home to LDDS, National Weather Network, Mobil Telecommunications Technology and the beleaguered MCI Worldcom.

Jackson has about 195,000 African Americans and 3,800 African American businesses.

Jackson is home to one the nation’s largest Soul Music, Blues and Gospel record companies, Malaco records.

Famous Residents

Famous residents born here or made their mark here:

Fannie Lou Hamer – Civil Rights champion; frequently remembered for the quote “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Medgar Evers – Civil Rights activist and martyr
Myrlie Evers Williams – Wife of Medgar Evers; after his death she remarried and headed the NAACP
Hiram R. Revels – First Black US Senator during reconstruction.
Alex Williams – Major building contractor in early 20th century
Dr. Sidney D. Redmond – Notable physician and businessman with offices on Farish Street

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