Southern Komfort Brass Band of Jackson

Southern Komfort Brass Band of Jackson


US City Seperator

In the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson appealed to free Black people in Mississippi and Louisiana to join the Union’s fight against the British. Two battalions of Black soldiers who helped him win the Battle of New Orleans in 1814. Afterwards he openly praised … More

Cultural Sites
Jackson State University, Medgar Evers Museum, Medgar Evers Library, Smith Robertson Museum & Cultural Center, Malaco Records, Alamo Theater and Tougaloo College … More

Farish Street
Farish Street is one of the few Historically Black Districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places that was built by former slaves. Like similar districts in Richmond, Atlanta and Memphis, it was once the center of political, religious, economic, educational and entertainment activities … More

Restaurants & Nightclubs
You haven’t experienced the Blues until you check out where the Blues originated, Mississippi. And no Blues club stands out more than Queen of Hearts where Dorothy Moore, King Edward, Cadillac George Harris, Bobby Rush, Muddy Waters, Mary Queen … More

Soul Food & Barbecue
Jackson has two dining traditions that every visitor should explore: Soul Food & Barbecue. It is not uncommon for people of all stripes to visit a Soul Food restaurant or take-out Barbecue joint. Sometimes you must have those grits, eggs and flowery biscuits … More

Shops & Galleries
Marshall’s Bookstore, founded by Louise Marshall features about 700 religious books and Gospel sheet music that sustain this long term shop leader in Jackson … More

Heritage Sites
Boddie Mansion was constructed in 1848 on the Boddie Plantation of 2,000 acres. John Boddie’s fiancée demanded she have the fairest house in Madison County from which she could view the city of Jackson. Located in the Farish Street Historical District, Old Mount Helm Baptist Church was founded in 1835 … More

Civil Rights Movement
two local heroes deserve the majority credit for changing civil rights history in Mississippi – Medgar Evers and Fannie Lou Hamer. In 1963, only 28,000 Black Mississippians were registered voters. In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson passed the Voting Rights Act and by 1971, there were 250,000 Black registered voters … More

Blues, Gospel & Soul Music
Music historians call the somewhat amorphous Mississippi Delta area, the birthplace of the Blues. Excluding Blues historians, few people think of Jackson, Mississippi as a music center even though its the capitol of a state that has been one of the greatest producers of Blues, Gospel and Soul Music talent … More

General Attractions
International Museum of Muslim Cultures examines how in 711 AD, a Muslim Berber army crossed from Morocco over the Straits of Gibraltar to defeat Spain and how part of Europe’s Renaissance can be traced back to Islamic Moorish Spain … More

Family Attractions
Russell C. Davis Planetarium, Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum, Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Jackson Golf World, Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, Puppet Arts Theatre … More

Trivia, Radio Stations & Famous Residents
Jackson, the capitol of Mississippi, is one of our most important Black Heritage destinations. Its Black colleges, barbeque and historic sites also make this a fine place to hold family reunions that connect with the foundations of our culture … More

Jackson Events

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