A Cup of Freedom monument in downtown Greensboro

A Cup of Freedom monument in downtown Greensboro; credit North Carolina Tourism

Greensboro General Attractions

Greensboro Historical Museum
DESCRIPTION: The museum features historical pottery, dresses, textiles, and tobacco exhibits of life that were common to the building in this region. Among the many important Greensboro, history exhibits you’ll see is the 1 February 1960 Civil Rights Sit-In at Greensboro Woolworth lunch counter. This venue is a good starting point to understand the Piedmont Triad region.
DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Sat 10a-5p, Sun 2p-5p
ADDRESS: 130 Summit Avenue, Greensboro, NC MAP
PHONE: 336-373-2043
WEBSITE: https://greensborohistory.org

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
DESCRIPTION: The largest, most hotly-contested battle of the Revolutionary War’s Southern Campaign was fought at the small North Carolina backcountry hamlet of Guilford Courthouse. As truthful exhibits illustrate, people of African descent also fought in the Revolutionary War — on both sides.
DAYS & HOURS: daily 8:30a-5p
ADDRESS: 2332 New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC MAP
PHONE: 336-288-1776
WEBSITE: https://www.nps.gov/guco/index.htm

Bicentennial Gardens
DESCRIPTION: Flowering and deciduous flora and fauna placed in a well landscaped and manicured setting make this garden a local favorite.
DAYS & HOURS: daily 8a-sunset
ADDRESS: 1105 Hobbs Road, Greensboro, NC MAP
PHONE: 336-373-2199
WEBSITE: https://greensborobeautiful.org/gardens/

Bog Garden
DESCRIPTION: A half-mile wooden walkway over a swampy area of luscious beauty awaits you. The garden has more than 8,000 labeled trees, ferns, bamboo, and wildflowers.
DAYS & HOURS: daily 8a-sunset
ADDRESS: Hobbs Road at Northline Avenue, Greensboro, NC MAP
PHONE: 336-373-2199
WEBSITE: https://greensborobeautiful.org/gardens/bog-garden/

Greensboro Arboretum
DESCRIPTION: Within a 17-acre portion of the park one finds 9 different plant collections in an area of stunning year-round natural beauty.
DAYS & HOURS: daily 8a-sunset
ADDRESS: Wendover Avenue at West Market Street, Greensboro, NC MAP
PHONE: 336-373-2199
WEBSITE: https://greensborobeautiful.org/gardens/arboretum/

Bryan Park Complex
DESCRIPTION: Two 18-hole golf courses are the main event here, though it includes other facilities for family outings as well; daily 8a-sunset
ADDRESS: 6275 Bryan Park Road, Greensboro, NC MAP
PHONE: 336-375-2222
WEBSITE: https://www.greensboro-nc.gov/departments/parks-recreation/parks-gardens/bryan-park

Tanglewood Park
DESCRIPTION: 1,300 acres of beautiful countryside, streams, woodlands and grassy pastures once claimed for Queen Elizabeth by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584. It features facilities and on-site catering for golfing, weddings and reunions, picnic areas, playgrounds, canoes and paddleboats, hiking, walking, and running trails, gardens, and arboretum. Those with competitive pursuits in mind should note the hard and clay tennis courts, plus two of Golf Digest’s top-rated courses.
ADDRESS: 4201 Manor House Circle, Clemmons, NC MAP
PHONE: 336-778-6300
WEBSITE: https://www.forsyth.cc/parks/tanglewood/

Furniture Market
DESCRIPTION: Home to more than 70 furniture stores who showcase every imaginable furniture style, shoppers often lose themselves at the Home Furnishings Capital of the World. Stop here for a complete shopping guide, including maps to furniture stores.
ADMISSION: registration fee
ADDRESS: 107 West High Avenue, High Point, NC MAP
PHONE: 336-255-8799
WEBSITE: https://www.highpointmarket.org

World’s Largest Chest of Drawers
DESCRIPTION: Originally built in 1926, then restored as a four-story 18th-century chest of drawers to call attention to High Point as the Home Furnishings Capital of the World.
DAYS & HOURS: daily
ADDRESS: 508 North Hamilton Street, High Point, NC MAP
PHONE: 800-872-5255
WEBSITE: https://www.visitnc.com/listing/9SZB/world-s-largest-chest-of-drawers

Westbend Vineyards
DESCRIPTION: Westbend is a fine representative of the region’s emergence as one of America’s many winery districts. Its located on 60 acres of prime vinifera vineyards tucked into the rolling countryside of Forsyth County where moderate temperatures are fine for grape growing. Keeping up with the times, it incorporates a brewpub too.
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Fri 10a-4p
ADDRESS: 5394 Williams Road, Lewisville, NC MAP
PHONE: 336-945-5032
WEBSITE: https://www.westbendwineryandbrewery.com


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