White Rock Baptist Church, Durham

White Rock Baptist Church, Durham; (c) Soul Of America

Durham Places of Worship

White Rock Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1866 by Dr. Augustus Shepard, whose son later founded North Carolina Central University; this historic church had several edifices in the Black community before moving into this structure in 1977; within days after the Greensboro Woolworth’s Lunch Counter Sit-in on 1 February 1960, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. met with Asbury Temple’s Rev. Douglas Moore at White Rock, where the successful Civil Rights Movement strategy to “Fill Up the Jails” was announced; church is a member of the Progressive Baptist Convention
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a & 10:15a
ADDRESS: 3400 Fayetteville Street, Durham, NC MAP
PHONE: 919-688-8136
WEBSITE: http://www.whiterockbaptistchurch.org

St. Joseph’s AME Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1869, one of the first fully autonomous African American churches in America; its 1891 sanctuary in the Old Hayti neighborhood is now St. Joseph’s Performance Hall at the Hayti Heritage Center; today the congregation meets at 2521 Fayetteville Street
ADDRESS: 700 Old Fayetteville Street, Durham, NC MAP
PHONE: 919-683-1709
WEBSITE: https://hayti.org

St. Mark AME Zion Church
DESCRIPTION: One of the oldest Black Churches in town.
ADDRESS: 531 South Foxboro Street, Durham, NC MAP
PHONE: 919-688-2092
WEBSITE: http://stmarkamez.org

Asbury Temple United Methodist Church
DESCRIPTION: In the late 1950’s, Rev Douglas Moore and other community leaders organized Civil Rights Movement sit-ins to protest discrimination at the Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro and others across the state; Rev Moore was the first NC delegate to the Southern Christian Leadership Council; he is among the earliest ministers credited to have persuaded Dr MLK to adopt a policy of non-violent confrontation of “Jim Crow” apartheid
ADDRESS: 201 South Alston Avenue, Durham, NC MAP
PHONE: 919-688-4578
WEBSITE: http://www.asburytempleumc.org

Muhammad’s Mosque 34
DESCRIPTION: NOI mosque for the eastern portion of North Carolina
ADDRESS: 304 South Driver Street, Durham, NC MAP
PHONE: 919-957-4850
WEBSITE: http://www.muhammadmosque34.org

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