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North Carolina Central University student working on her on laptop; credit Durham CVB


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Durham is home to 15 arts centers, 12 science & nature centers, a notable HBCU, Duke University and great college basketball. It’s also close to two big lakes, which are favorites for rafting, hiking, biking and canoeing. In the South, its known as “The City of Medicine.” Most folk find it to be a slow but pleasant place to live.

Due to its location away from coastal hurricanes and at the base of the Piedmont Plateau, in 1792, Raleigh became the state capital founded in honor of English navigator Sir Walter Raleigh … More

Civil Rights Movement
In 1959, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King began meeting with Rev. Douglas Moore of Asbury Temple United Methodist Church and SCLC other leaders in Durham to plan a major strategy of the Civil Rights Movement … More

Cultural Sites
You may not be aware of Durham’s Black Cultural Sites, but this page will give you a few interesting itinerary ideas … More

Historic Sites
This city has been an important pathway for humanity since old Native American trails to historic black churches that were instrumental to the Civil Rights Movement … More

Black Wall Street
Firmly situated in the center of Durham’s downtown district are the remnants of what was known nationwide as “Black Wall Street” anchored by two powerhouse financial firms … More

Restaurants & Shops
Like other cities that took a hit by the Great Recession, Durham is slowly rebuilding its collection of Soul Food, Barbecue and Jamaican establishments, bookstores and shops … More

General Attractions
Great Indian Trading Path used by jokers today, National Historic Landmarks such as Old Bull Building, and Duke Memorial United Methodist Church designed by a black architect illustrate the diversity of sites … More

An award-winning place where elegance, excitement and hospitality intersect. As unofficial ambassadors for the city of Durham, Monica & Daniel Edwards are captains of warmth and comfort to each visitor … More

Place of Worship
White Rock Baptist Church, St. Joseph’s AME Church, St. Mark AME Zion Church, Asbury Temple United Methodist Church and Muhammad’s Mosque 34 anchor houses of worship in the city … More

Family Attractions
For its population size, Durham has a modest share of family attractions, including Museum of Discovery and Science, Miramar Regional Park, Butterfly World and … More

The Arts scene is anchored by Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, featuring the Grant Hill Collection of African American Art that includes works by Romare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett, John Biggers … More

Durham Blues
When most people think about the origins of the Blues, Memphis and Mississippi Delta come to mind. But most are surprised to learn that Durham also has a long and historic Blues tradition too … More

Trivia, Radio Stations and Famous Residents
These events are held in Durham unless specified elsewhere … More

These events are held in Durham unless specified elsewhere … More

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