Dallas Restaurants

Soul Food, Dallas Restaurants

Dallas Restaurants

Dallas Restaurants

Dallas Restaurants feature a plethora of traditional and upscale Soul Food, Barbecue, Caribbean, Ethiopian, Seafood, Vegetarian and American cuisine dining establishments. Its strength is clearly Soul Food and Barbecue, where the choices are many, the prices are reasonable and the portions are large. Compared to other cities its size, the nightclub scene sizzles in multiple locations, though it has lost a few since the Great Recession.

South Dallas Cafe
CUISINE: Soul Food

Two Podners Restaurant and BBQ
CUISINE: Barbecue

Elaine’s Kitchen
CUISINE: Jamaican

Emerald City Bar & Grill
CUISINE: Light Fare

Evas House of Barbeque
CUISINE: Barbecue and Soul Food

Records Bar-B-Que
CUISINE: Barbecue

Hardemans BBQ
CUISINE: Barbecue

Sweet Georgia Brown
CUISINE: Soul Food and Barbecue

Dallas Dreamz
CUISINE: Light Fare

GG’s Jazz Club
CUISINE: Light Fare

Be Raw Fresh Food & Juice
CUISINE: Raw Food and Juice

Ten Eleven Grill
CUISINE: American

Lalibela Ethiopian
CUISINE: Ethiopian

Brickhouse Café & Lounge
CUISINE: Appetizers

Island Spot
CUISINE: Jamaican

Caribbean Cafe
CUISINE: Caribbean/Cuban

CUISINE: Continental

Brooklyn Jazz Cafe
CUSINE: Light Fare with Soul

Madea’s Down Home Cooking
CUISINE: Soul Food
DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Fri 11a-5p, Sat 11a-7p
ADDRESS: 1019 West Enon Avenue, Fort Worth, TX
PHONE: 817-551-9295

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