Dallas Places of Worship

Forest Avenue Baptist Church, Dallas Places of Worship

Forest Avenue Missionary Baptist Church

Dallas Places of Worship

Dallas Places of Worship include St. Paul United Methodist Church, The Potter’s Place, Forest Ave Missionary Baptist Church, Elizabeth Chapel CME Church, Inspiring Body of Christ and New Hope Baptist Church are among the many historic and growing black churches of the region.

St. Paul United Methodist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1873, it is the only black church congregation in Dallas Arts District. This church was also 1st Dallas school for black children until 1884. The present Gothic edifice, designed by William S. Pittman, was completed 1925. Executive luncheons are held weekly. It has been a Dallas Historic Landmark since 1982 and still houses businesses and professional offices.
ADDRESS: 1816 Routh Street, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-922-0000
WEBSITE: http://www.stpaulumcdallas.com

Forest Avenue Missionary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: One of the oldest Baptist congregations in South Dallas
ADDRESS: 2502 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-421-7006
WEBSITE: http://www.fambcdallas.org

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
DESCRIPTION: Mt. Olive is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; the edifice was designated a National Historic Monument and placed in the National Register of Historical Places in 1995
ADDRESS: 3100 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-428-2892
WEBSITE: http://www.mtolive-lutheranchurch.org

Elizabeth Chapel CME Church
DESCRIPTION: One of the earliest Christian Methodist Episcopal churches in Texas; designated a Dallas Historic Landmark since 1980.
ADDRESS: 3419 Michigan Avenue, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-375-6462
WEBSITE: http://netministries.org/see/churches.exe/ch28286

St. Luke Community United Methodist Church
DESCRIPTION: This spirit-filled church is also recognized for it 53 stained glass windows designed by African American artist Jean Lacy, each one shares a tale of the endurance of the African American spirit.
ADDRESS: 5710 East R.L. Thornton Freeway, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-821-2970
WEBSITE: http://www.slcumc.org

Bethel AME Church
Founded 1872; oldest currently active Black church of any denomination in Dallas
ADDRESS: 1638 East Anne Arbor Avenue, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-375-3567
WEBSITE: http://www.forministry.com/

Inspiring Body of Christ
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1990 by Rev. Rickie Rush D.D., it has quickly grown to over 10,000 members.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30a, 10:00a & 1:00p
ADDRESS: 7710 South Westmoreland Road, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 972-572-4262
WEBSITE: http://www.ibocjoy.org

New Hope Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1873 at a different location; its congregation was wealthy enough to become the first church in Dallas to install a pipe organ — a fact which the Dallas papers declined to print, but was noted in the New York paper from where the organ was shipped.
ADDRESS: 5002 South Central Expressway, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-421-5296
WEBSITE: http://www.newhopebapt-dallas.org

Munger Avenue Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1894; in the State-Thomas community which was an original Freedman town settled by people shortly after they received word of their emancipation.
ADDRESS: 3919 Munger Avenue, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-887-6509
WEBSITE: http://mungeravenue.org

Muhammad’s Mosque #48
DESCRIPTION: NOI brank in Dallas
ADDRESS: 2429 Martin Luther King Blvd, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-421-4848
WEBSITE: http://www.noidallas.org

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
DESCRIPTION: For twenty years, this has be a fast growing and high impact church; endeavors to exemplify God’s alternative lifestyle before the world
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:50a & 10:50a
ADDRESS: 1808 West Camp Wisdom Road, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 972-228-1281
WEBSITE: http://www.ocbfchurch.org

Concord Missionary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1975 by the Dr. E. K. Bailey; Concord is a dynamic family of believers with a 2,100-seat sanctuary, modern nursery area, 250-seat chapel for children’s church, and 500-seat fellowship hall for youth worship
ADDRESS: 6808 Pastor Bailey Drive, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-331-8522
WEBSITE: http://www.concorddallas.org

Friendship West Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: A caring community of Christians committed to developing a personal relationship with our Lord
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30a, 9:30a, 11:30a
ADDRESS: 616 West Kiest Boulevard, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-371-2029
WEBSITE: http://www.friendshipwest.org

The Potter’s House
DESCRIPTION: One of the largest churches in the nation, T.D. Jakes Ministries and the Potter’s House were founded in 1996; started with a membership of only 50 families, now this mega-church is home to over 28,000 members inspired by Bishop T.D. Jakes
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a & 11:30a and 7p on the 1st Sunday of each month
ADDRESS: 6777 West Kiest Boulevard, Dallas, TX MAP
PHONE: 214-333-6505
WEBSITE: http://www.tdjakes.org

St. John Missionary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: A large suburban church with a variety of Christian ministries
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7a, 9a, 10a
ADDRESS: 1701 West Jefferson, Grand Prairie, TX MAP
PHONE: 972-264-1483
WEBSITE: http://www.sjbcfamily.net

Allen Chapel AME Church
DESCRIPTION: the church was founded at a different location in 1873; the current edifice was designed in 1914 by African American architect William S. Pittman and built in a modified Tudor Gothic style, Allen Chapel is one of the more architecturally sophisticated, early 20th century Black churches in the Southwest
ADDRESS: 116 Elm Street, Fort Worth, TX MAP
PHONE: 817-332-5071
WEBSITE: http://www.allenchapelfw.org

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