Revelation Missionary Baptist Church, Cincinnati

Revelation Missionary Baptist Church, Cincinnati

Cincinnati Places of Worship

Allen Temple AME Church
DESCRIPTION: Original location for the church was at 536 Broadway from 1870 to 1979. It is the oldest surviving African American church in Cincinnati, but relocated to the address below.
ADDRESS: 7181 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH
PHONE: 513-531-7539

Union Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Second oldest African American congregation in Cincinnati established in 1831; an early pastor was author George Washington Williams, who became Ohio’s first African American legislator and ambassador to Haiti in 1885
ADDRESS: 405 West 7th Street, Cincinnati, OH
PHONE: 513-381-3858

Revelation Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1921 at another location, the church moved to this site in 1931. The heroic Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, civil rights activist and secretary of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, left Birmingham to pastor here in 1960-1968.
ADDRESS: 1556 John Street, Cincinnati, OH
PHONE: 513-579-1133

Lane Theological Seminary Site
DESCRIPTION: This seminary was operated by Lyman Beecher and Henry Ward Beecher. Lane is known primarily for the debates held there in 1834 that influenced the nation’s thinking about slavery. The event resulted in the dismissal of a group of students, a professor and a trustee and was one of the first significant tests of academic freedom in the United States and the right of students to participate in free discussion. It was a Midwest center for the Abolitionist Movement in the 1850s.
ADDRESS: 2800 block, east side of Gilbert Avenue
PHONE: none

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