Pilgrim Baptist Church, Chicago Places of Worship

Pilgrim Baptist Church before the fire

Chicago Places of Worship

Quinn Chapel AME Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1847, its the oldest African American congregation in Chicago. Bishop William Paul Quinn played a major role advancing the AME church to western states, creating a church home for ex-slaves and for abolitionists. The church is also notable for founding Provident Hospital and Wabash Avenue YMCA. Among its prominent congregation was Adelbury H. Roberts, the 1st African-American elected to the Illinois State Senate. The current church, built in 1891, is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a and 11a
ADDRESS: 2401 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: near Cermak-Chinatown CTA Station
PHONE: 312-791-1846
WEBSITE: http://www.quinnchicago.org

Trinity United Church of Christ
DESCRIPTION: Over 7,000 members make this a dynamic spiritual church. The church maintains two senior citizen residences recognized as national models of quality low income housing, day care centers, credit union, bookstore and the Center for African Biblical Studies, 70 different ministries and 5 choirs. It was the former church of Senator Barack Obama and Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30a, 11a, 6p
ADDRESS: 400 West 95th Street, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: near 95th Street CTA Station
PHONE: 773-962-5650
WEBSITE: http://www.tucc.org

Olivet Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: This edifice with well tended spires was built in 1875. Before moving into this structure, the church became the “Mother Black Baptist” church in Chicago and had one of the largest Protestant congregations in the U.S. for a time. Gospel music great Mahalia Jackson rose to national prominence here.
ADDRESS: 3101 South Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 27th Street Metra Station
PHONE: 312-842-1081
WEBSITE: http://www.olivetchurch.org

Progressive Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: This historic church was founded in 1919, before the Dan Ryan Expressway separated it from Bronzeville to the east.
ADDRESS: 3658 South Wentworth Avenue, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: White Sox-35th Street CTA Station
PHONE: 773-268-6048
WEBSITE: http://progressivebaptistchurchofchicago.org

Pilgrim Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Built in 1890, Rev. Dr. J.C. Austin, Sr. brought Dr. Thomas A. Dorsey on staff in 1932 and the famed Pilgrim Baptist Gospel Chorus was founded; Dorsey coined the term “Gospel” and is widely considered the father of Gospel Music due to his lengthy resume of Gospel compositions, which are the mainstays of choirs worldwide. Rev. C.L. Franklin, father of Aretha Franklin, taught aspiring gospel singers here as well; unfortunately, a fire gutted the edifice in January 2006 – it may be rebuilt.
ADDRESS: 3301 South Indiana Avenue, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 35th-Bronzeville-IIT CTA Station
PHONE: 312-842-5830
WEBSITE: http://www.pilgrimbaptistchicago.com

First Church of Deliverance
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1929 by Rev. Clarence H. Cobbs. It is one of the first Black churches to broadcast sermons and gospel music on the radio; first church to receive a Hammond organ. With many songs like How I Got Over making there debut here, the church played a large role helping gospel music reach prominence; Walter T. Bailey designed the building, which opened in 1939. It also features murals by Fred Jones. Bailey was the city’s first Black architect; another architect added the twin towers to the terra cotta facade in 1946.
ADDRESS: 4301 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 43rd Street CTA Station
PHONE: 773-373-7700
WEBSITE: http://www.firstchurchofdeliverance.org

Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1950 the same year Pastor Clay Evans was ordained; in 1954 the church converted an old garage at 4621-23 South State Street to be its new home. Rev. Evans was one of the first Chicago ministers who publicly joined Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Civil Rights Movement. Hampered by its activist stance, the church could not obtain sufficient bank loans to expand — a new edifice would have to be built on tithes. What a joyous day when Evans led a 1,500 car motorcade to the church’s present location in 1966.
ADDRESS: 4543 South Princeton Avenue, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 47th Street-Red CTA Station
PHONE: 773-373-8530
WEBSITE: http://www.fellowshipchicago.com

Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1902, it is another of Chicago’s historic black churches. It was featured in a Woodson Library exhibit. Some say that Gospel composer Thomas A. Dorsey started here before moving to Pilgrim Baptist Church.
ADDRESS: 4501 Vincennes Avenue, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 43rd Street CTA Station
PHONE: 773-373-6144
WEBSITE: http://embc-chicago.org

Roberts Temple COGIC
DESCRIPTION: Founded by Charles Harrison Mason in 1907, Roberts is considered the Mother COGIC of Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin; it is was the church that hosted Emmett Till’s funeral in 1955.
ADDRESS: 4021 South State Street, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: Indiana Avenue CTA Station
PHONE: 773-548-4274

Eighth Church of Christ, Scientist
DESCRIPTION: A Romanesque-style architectural marvel built in 1910-11, this church houses one of the country’s oldest African-American Christian Science congregations. The building’s temple front, dome and interior design are a byproduct of the Classical Revival-style influence of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago.
ADDRESS: 4359 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 43rd Street CTA Station
PHONE: none

Metropolitan Community Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1920 by Dr. William Decatur Cook as the Metropolitan Community Center: The Peoples Church. It was the first church in Bronzeville to welcome all religious denominations to worship; in 1927, the name was changed to the Metropolitan Community Church. The church continues to be a Christ-centered, non-denominational church.
ADDRESS: 4610 South Prairie Ave, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 47th-Green CTA Station
PHONE: 773-536-2046
WEBSITE: http://www.metropolitancc1920.org

Mosque Maryam
DESCRIPTION: In 1972, Elijah Muhammad opened this stunning Temple #2 and school as the Nation of Islam headquarters. Following the 1975 death of Elijah Muhammad, the NOI took on a new direction under his son Wallace D. Muhammad. In 1977 Minister Louis Farrakhan returned to the NOI and decided to resurrect the teachings of the Elijah Muhammad. In 1988, Temple #2 was purchased and renamed to Mosque Maryam — after Mary, mother of Jesus. Every February 26th, Saviour’s Day is hosted here in remembrance of his Elijah Muhammad’s birthday.
ADDRESS: 7351 South Stoney Island Avenue, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: Stoney Island Metra Station
PHONE: 773-324-6000
WEBSITE: http://www.noi.org/maryam.html

Apostolic Church of God
DESCRIPTION: Thoroughly modern and one of the largest Black churches in Chicago and Bishop Arthur M. Brazier was cited as one of the Top Preachers in America by Ebony magazine and is a major leader for social change in the city; the church receives frequent international visitors. Gospel vocalist Dwayne Lee sings here frequently.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 9:10a, 11:40a, 4p
ADDRESS: 6320 South Dorchester Avenue, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 63rd Street Metra Station
PHONE: 773-667-1500
WEBSITE: http://www.apostolicchurchofgod.net

West Point Missionary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: This church is a member of the community for 87 years in the same location.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a & 10:45a
ADDRESS: 3566-72 South Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: 35th-Bronzeville-IIT CTA Station
PHONE: 773-538-7590
WEBSITE: http://www.wpmbc.org

Salem House of Hope
DESCRIPTION: This fast growing church, which emphasizes strong bible teaching and preaching, also runs a school academy and bookstore. Pastor James T. Meeks is a State Senator and Vice President of Rainbow/PUSH.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:30a & Noon
ADDRESS: 752 East 114th Street, Chicago, IL MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: Kensington Metra Station
PHONE: 773-371-2300
WEBSITE: http://www.sbcoc.org

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