Charlotte Map

Charlotte Map easily locates main attractions in this green & clean city. Begin with Harvey Gantt Center for African-American Arts & Culture, Johnson C. Smith University, Levine Museum of the New South, Afro-American Children’s Theatre, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument, Latibah Collard Green Museum, Freedom Park, The Black Pages, Simmons 4th Ward Restaurant, Excelsior Club, House of Jazz, Austin’s Caribbean Cuisine, Madison Saints Paradise South Cafeteria, Mert’s Heart & Soul, University Park Baptist Church & Bookstore, House of Africa, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Nu Directions Black Art & Gift Gallery, Ms. Elsie’s Caribbean Bed & Breakfast, Pure Body Salon & Spa, Oasis Day Spa, AME Zion Church, United House Of Prayer For All People Founding Site, AME Zion Publishing House, Spectrum Center, Discovery Place and Bank of America Stadium.


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