Sisters selling sweetgrass baskets in Charleston, Trivia

Sisters selling sweetgrass baskets in Charleston; (c) Soul Of America

Charleston Trivia

Low Country is commonly understood to be about 80 miles of coastland from Charleston to Savannah, extending inland about 25-30 miles to Interstate 95 freeway.

A major earthquake in 1886 and Hurricane Hugo in 1989 ruined much of Charleston’s oldest architecture, so what you often see in Old Charleston today, are rebuilt structures resembling the originals.

165,000 of Charleston metro area’s 550,000 residents are African Americans.

Charleston has been winning many honors as the highest rated destination in America.

Famous Residents

Famous residents or soldiers born or made their mark here include:

Denmark Vesey – Planned a slave revolt for freedom in 1822
Gullah Jack Pritchard – African priest who assisted Denmark Vesey
Samuel Drayton – A local black builder in the 1800s
Robert Smalls – A hero who escaped slavery and captured a Confederate warship
Rev. Daniel Jenkins – Founder of one of the city’s oldest Black churches
Massachusetts 54th Colored Regiment – Fought at Fort Sumter, including Sergeant William Carney who became the 1st Black man to win Congressional Medal of Honor
Bishop Daniel Payne – Reestablished Charleston’s AME church in 1865
Jonathan Green – Award-winning artist who depicts Gullah life
Philip Simmons – Master Ironwork artisan who designed and built many of the intricate wrought iron gates found around Charleston and around South Carolina
Harleston and Boags – Owners of oldest Black funeral home in Charleston
Melanie Thornton – R&B and Pop singer who became famous in Europe


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