Rev Shuttlesworth

Rev. Shuttlesworth feted by President Obama and President Clinton

Birmingham Trivia

One of its nicknames is the Magic City, which began in the late 1800s.

There are 318,000 African-American citizens living in Birmingham’s 1.2 million person metro area.

Locals spend a great deal of time supporting college football and basketball by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which is also the largest employer in the region.

Birmingham has a national reputation as a health care center.

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Samford University and Miles College add collegiate activities and youthful energy to the city.

Famous Residents

Famous persons born here or achieved fame in greater Birmingham:

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth – Birmingham’s Father of the Civil Rights Movement
Richard Arrington – 1st Black Mayor of Birmingham and respected for leading a calm transition to the city’s modern image in his 20-year tenure
Eddie Kendrick – The Temptations original tenor vocalist
Charles Barkley – NBA legend, and Sport TV personality
A.G. Gaston – One of America’s richest black businessmen and supporter of the Civil Rights Movement
Bo Jackson – NFL and MLB sports legend
Nell Carter – TV actor and singer
Tom Joyner – Radio fly jock
Willie Mays – Arguably, the greatest all-around baseball player
Lionel Hampton – Legendary Jazz musician
Angela Y. Davis – Civil rights and women’s rights activist and college professor
Vonetta Flowers – 2002 Olympic bobsled team gold medalist
U.W. Clemson – 1st African American federal judge in Alabama
Dr. Luther Williams – Assistant Directorate of the National Science Foundation
Ben Wallace – All-Star NBA center


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