Crabs & Soul Food

Maryland Crabs bring everyone together at Bo Brooks in Canton, Crabs & Soul Food

Maryland Crabs bring everyone together at Bo Brooks in Canton

Crabs & Soul Food

This is Crabs & Soul Food country. One flavorful Maryland crab cake topped with spicy mustard hollas’ this is crab country! Visit any seafood restaurant around the Inner Harbor, Fells Point or Northwest Baltimore for a happy serving of fresh steamed Chesapeake Crabs. If you want to impress friends when you return home, pick up the freshly cooked critters at Lexington Market or Broadway Market.

But happy is the visitor invited a Baltimorean’s home for a feast of boiled crabs in one can of beer, McCormick’s Old Bay Seasoning and a touch of vinegar! Part of the fun is getting there early to watch your host carefully pull live crabs from a bushel, then transport them into a large boiling pot with one can of beer and plenty of Old Bay Seasoning.

When eating crabs in a shell, wear your bib with pride! Just as your taste buds explode from sucking the moist crabmeat and juices from a claw, keep extra napkins around to wipe the sweat from your brow. Then have your host or hostess toss you an ice cold drink before you go into sensory overload. Like many treasured experiences in life, repeat this one again and again and again.

When secret ingredients for Soul Food were handed down, Baltimore was not the last one to the table. As the largest Old South city closest to the Old North, Baltimore’s Soul Food tradition is substantial. Traditional portions at family reunions, picnics and other gatherings tend to be large and cooked with pork and salt seasonings. Though traditional Soul Food restaurants no longer dot Pennsylvania Avenue or Gay Street, Soul Food is alive and well on Reisterstown Road and the homes of local residents.

Filled with great promise as Baltimore’s first upscale Soul Food restaurant, Southern Blues hit the scene shortly after year 2000. The atmosphere, clientele and cuisine were on. But fate played a hand in its quick demise. Let’s hope it planted seeds in the minds of other entrepreneurs.

BWI Airport, may in part, contribute to the city’s increasing number of Caribbean restaurants around town. In recent years it has added a lot more direct flights to the Caribbean. With increasing numbers brings competition. Though the city has yet to introduce a Caribbean restaurant having remarkable decor, you can get your groove on with the jerk chicken, oxtails and other dishes. Stay tuned to this exciting development.


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