Billie Holiday ceramic mural

Billie Holiday mural in Baltimore

Baltimore Cultural Sites

No other city in America have as many black cultural museums as Baltimore combined with a two large HBCUs, two black fraternity headquarters, a major black newspaper, two black theatre organizations, NAACP headquarters and several notable monuments. Baltimore Cultural Sites are a must-visit for every itinerary.

Reginald Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture

National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Museum and Maritime Park

Eubie Blake Jazz Museum & Cultural Center

Murphy Fine Arts Center

Benjamin Banneker Historical Park & Museum

Morgan State University

Coppin State University

Black Soldiers Memorial
DESCRIPTION: This impressive 9-foot bronze statue gives props to African American servicemen from all American wars. The figure is decorated with medals for valor and the soldier’s hands hold a wreath and banner listing our service in American wars.
ADDRESS: Battle Monument Plaza at Calvert and Lexington Streets, Baltimore, MD MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: Charles Center Metro Station
PARKING: nearby garage

Thurgood Marshall Monument
DESCRIPTION: A noble tribute to one of Baltimore’s own; after the University of Maryland denied him entry into its law school because of race, Thurgood Marshall (1908-1993) graduated from Howard Law School. He was appointed lead NAACP attorney in the case which overturned the “separate but equal” school desegregation case in 1954. Marshall was appointed Supreme Court Justice in 1967. This great man’s shoes are left unfilled on the Supreme Court. His original home was at 1632 Division Street.
ADDRESS: Pratt Street at Sharp Street, Baltimore, MD MAP
PARKING: garage nearby
RAPID TRANSIT: Charles Center Metro Station

Cathy Hughes Plaza
DESCRIPTION: Baltimore headquarters for Radio One, the nation’s largest chain of Black owned radio stations and listed on a national stock exchange. Tell-it-like-it-is-for-Black-folks Cathy Hughes is founder.
ADMISSION: appt only
PARKING: garage nearby
ADDRESS: 100 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, MD MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: Charles Center Metro Station
PHONE: 410-332-4600

Iota Phi Theta Headquarters
DESCRIPTION: In 1963 at Morgan State College (now a University), 12 students founded what has become the nation’s fifth largest, Black fraternity. The founders were: Albert Hicks, Lonnie Spruill, Jr., Charles Briscoe, Frank Coakley, John Slade, Barron Willis, Webster Lewis, Charles Brown, Louis Hudnell, Charles Gregory, Elias Dorsey, Jr., and Michael Williams. This organization has grown to 156 Chapters/Colonies and 15,000 Members.
ADMISSION: appt only
PARKING: small lot on premises + street
ADDRESS: 1600 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: Baltimore Penn Metro Station
PHONE: 410-752-5748

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Headquarters
DESCRIPTION: First intercollegiate Greek-letter Black Fraternity – founded in 1906 at Cornell University by Jewels Henry Arthur Callis, Charles Henry Chapman, Eugene Kinckle Jones, George Biddle Kelley, Nathaniel Allison Murray, Robert Harold Ogle, and Vertner Woodson Tandy. As one of the largest black fraternities, the Alphas are known for being leaders in stressing academic excellence among its members and addressing the educational, economic, political, and social injustices faced by African-Americans. Notable frat brothers include W.E.B. DuBois, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Edward Brooke, Dr Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, Andrew Young, William Gray and Paul Robeson.
ADMISSION: appt only
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Fri by appt only
ADDRESS: 2313 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, MD MAP
PARKING: small lot on premises + street
PHONE: 410-554-0040

Arena Players Theater
DESCRIPTION: Although this theater has a modern architectural design, it is home to one of the oldest Black theater companies in America. Since 1952, this jewel of regional theater has presented many outstanding plays and includes Howard Rollins as one of its distinguished alumni.
PARKING: street parking
ADDRESS: 801 McCulloh Street, Baltimore, MD MAP
RAPID TRANSIT: State Center Metro Station
PHONE: tickets 410-728-6500

Billie Holiday Monument
DESCRIPTION: An 8 1/2 foot bronze figure of “Lady Day” sculpted by James Earl Reid features the Baltimore native in perfect form — with a dinner gown and a gardenia in her hair. She was born Eleanora Fagan (1915-1959) and raised on 200 South Durham Street. Arguably, America’s greatest Jazz singer, Billie is best known for the timeless song God Bless the Child. She performed many times at the historic Royal Theater, which was cate-corner from this location. Today there is also a monument to the Royal Theater at that location.
ADDRESS: Pennsylvania Ave at Lafayette Avenue, Baltimore, MD MAP
PARKING: street parking
RAPID TRANSIT: Upton Metro Station

Mother Mary Lange Monument
DESCRIPTION: A 4-foot bronze monument honoring Mother Lange (1784-1882), a Haitian immigrant, founded the first Catholic school for African-American children in 1828, St. Francis Academy. In 1829, she then founded the first order of African-American nuns-the Oblate Sisters of Providence. She is being considered for sainthood by the Vatican.
ADDRESS: George Street near Myrtle Ave
PARKING: street parking
RAPID TRANSIT: State Center Metro Station

Sankofa Dance Theatre
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1989 to present express the rich legacy of African centered dance; conducts programs at various performance venues around the city. Performance season runs September through June. Perhaps it is best loved in the community for its outstanding African Dance classes.
ADDRESS: office 2901 Druid Park Drive, Baltimore, MD MAP
PARKING: parking on premises
RAPID TRANSIT: Penn-North Metro Station
PHONE: 410-669-3786

Sojourner-Douglass College
DESCRIPTION: An undergraduate college that meets a diverse range of educational needs in the community; across the street from First Baptist Church
ADDRESS: 500 North Caroline Street, Baltimore, MD MAP
PARKING: parking on premises
RAPID TRANSIT: Johns Hopkins Metro Station
PHONE: 410-276-0306

Wall of Pride Mural
DESCRIPTION: A well-loved community mural that portrays Langston Hughes, Paul Robeson, Sojourner Truth and Malcolm X.
ADDRESS: Carey & Cumberland Streets, Baltimore, MD MAP
PARKING: street parking
RAPID TRANSIT: Penn-North Metro Station

NAACP Headquarters
DESCRIPTION: Mary White Ovington, Ida Wells-Barnett, WEB DuBois and others founded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in 1909. It became the most successful civil rights institution in this nation’s history. The NAACP also publishes The Crisis magazine to promote its charter to reduce racism and increase understanding and cooperation among races. By 1915, The Crisis had a circulation of 30,000. The NAACP headquarters moved from NYC to this location in Baltimore in 1986.
ADMISSION: tours by appt only
ADDRESS: 4805 Mount Hope Drive, Baltimore, MD MAP
PARKING: parking on premises
RAPID TRANSIT: Reisterstown Plaza Metro Station
PHONE: 410-358-8900

Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper
The news beacon for the community since its founding in 1892 by John Murphy. One of its photographers took the photo widely regarded as the proof that approximately a million people marched at the Million Man March.
ADDRESS: 2519 North Charles Street
PHONE: 410-554-8200

Baltimore Times
An African American weekly newspaper that keeps its older neighbor Black newspaper on its toes.
ADDRESS: 2513 North Charles Street
PHONE: 410-366-3900

Hubert V. Simmons Museum of Negro Leagues Baseball
DESCRIPTION: The Museum is housed in the Owings Mills branch of the Baltimore County Public Library which shares the building with the Community College of Baltimore County at the County Campus Metro Center. If features exhibits and displays of photographs, artifacts, memorabilia, and graphic panels of both Maryland and U.S. Negro Leagues. They are showcased at the sites which can be found on each level of the library’s three floors.
ADDRESS: 10302 Grand Central Avenue, Owings Mills, MD
PHONE: 410-597-9797

Howard County Center of African American Culture
DESCRIPTION: In a quiet, charming this center features a small art museum and library of 900 historic books, inventions, a children’s area, posters, a stamp collection, historic artifacts and a tribute to Black Howard Countians. It is located in the small building to the left of the mansion.
DAYS & HOURS: Tue-Fri 12-5p, Sat 12-4p, Sun 2p-4p
ADDRESS: 5434 Vantage Point Road, Columbia, MD MAP
PARKING: parking on premises
PHONE: 410-715-1921


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