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New Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta Churches

New Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta

Atlanta Churches

Atlanta Churches include the iconic Wheat Street Baptist Church, Big Bethel AME Church, New Ebenezer Baptist Church, Butler Street CME Church and Shrine of the Black Madonna. Places of worship include an Nation Of Islam temple as well. All are major contributors to the Atlanta’s ethos as the Black Mecca.

DESCRIPTION: Located across the street from Old Ebenezer Baptist Church, it is a worthy and larger successor. Aside from the front statue of the man holding a baby, it merges many African design elements into its sanctuary and exterior architecture. Most of the King family attends this church.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:45a and 11a
ADDRESS: 400 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-688-7263

First Congregational Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1847; along with northern missionaries, this church was instrumental in founding Atlanta University; the National Medical Association was founded here in the 1890s.
ADDRESS: 105 Courtland Street, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-659-6255

Big Bethel AME Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1847; Morris Brown College was founded in the basement of the original church. The church has been a landmark at this site since 1905. The church played a role in civil rights movement by funding many marches and paying bail bonds. It is the largest AME congregation in Atlanta.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:45a and 11a on first Sundays of month; 11a other Sundays
ADDRESS: 220 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-659-0248

Butler Street CME Church
DESCRIPTION: Atlanta’s oldest CME church was founded 1882. The first African-American middleweight boxing champ, Tiger Flowers, was a deacon here. The church features a breakfast ministry Monday-Friday, and a food pantry for the hungry.
ADDRESS: 23 Butler Street (W.H. Borders Sr. Drive), Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-659-8745

Wheat Street Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1869, the church acquired its name before Wheat Street was renamed Auburn Avenue. Former pastor was Rev. William Holmes Borders, Sr., along with Dr King was a major leader in the Civil Rights Movement. From 1937-88, Rev. Borders was pastor and for much of it he hosted a radio program where he educated both races about the devastating local and national consequences of segregation.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7:45a & 10:45a
ADDRESS: 359 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-659-4328

Friendship Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded 1866, oldest African American Baptist church in Atlanta; in 1879 held first classes of the Atlanta Baptist Seminary, known today as Morehouse College; in 1881, Spelman College began in the church basement.
ADDRESS: 437 Mitchell Street, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-688-0206

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1912, “Our Lady” is Atlanta’s oldest Catholic Church established for African Americans.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a, 10a, Noon
ADDRESS: 25 Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-522-6776

United House of Prayer for All People
DESCRIPTION: Atlanta branch of this national congregation.
ADDRESS: 2719 Third Avenue, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-209-1818

Shrine of the Black Madonna
DESCRIPTION: The Pan African Orthodox Christian Church of Black Christian Nationalists were among the first to openly celebrate Mary, Joseph and Jesus as people of color.
ADDRESS: 960 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-752-6125

Cathedral of Faith Church of God in Christ
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1940. Today it has 3,000 members and is the largest COGIC in Atlanta.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 10a and 7p
ADDRESS: 1137 Avon Avenue, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-752-8960

Cascade United Methodist Church
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1982, Rev. Dr Joseph Lowery (former head of the SCLC) was its former pastor; this congregation also features 10 choirs.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a and 11a
ADDRESS: 3144 Cascade Road, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-691-5770

Muhammad’s Mosque #15
DESCRIPTION: The Southern Regional Headquarters for The Nation of Islam is here.
ADDRESS: 3642 Campbellton Road, SW, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 678-705-1361

Hillside Chapel and Truth Center
DESCRIPTION: Founded by Rev. Dr. Barbara L. King
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a & 10:30a
ADDRESS: 2450 Cascade Road, Atlanta, GA MAP
PHONE: 404-758-6811

World Changers Ministry
DESCRIPTION: A booming mega-church with televangelist, Rev Creflo Dollar, Jr. as pastor
ADDRESS: 2500 Burdette Road, College Park, GA MAP
PHONE: 770-907-2560

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: Though founded in 1984 by Bishop Eddie Long, the church has enjoyed meteoric growth to over 15,000 members; church includes a fitness center and bookstore.
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 7a & 10:30a
ADDRESS: 6400 Woodrow Road, Lithonia, GA MAP
PHONE: 770-696-9600

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