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Annapolis Events

Annapolis Events listed below are held in the city, unless indicated otherwise.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations
Various events throughout the city commemorating the civil rights leader’s life, but the largest and best is on “Sweet” Auburn Avenue; Atlanta, GA


Annapolis Film Festival presents Black Filmmakers On The Rise
ADDRESS: Annapolis Cinema Grill Forest Plaza, Forest Drive

Tribute to Harriet Tubman
A Living History performer portrays Harriet Tubman, inviting the audience into her life and the Underground Railroad; Banneker-Douglass Museum
PHONE: 410-216-6180

Benjamin Banneker & Molly Banneky
A living history performance of Benjamin Banneker and Molly Banneky, his grandmother; this performance explores the lives of a free African American and an indentured servant from England; yes his grandmother had a different spelling of the last name; in the 18th century they was no standard naming convention in some families; Banneker-Douglass Museum
PHONE: 410-216-6180


Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival
Annual festival since 1989 features culture, music, food, dance from the African Diaspora; children’s activities, arts and crafts; entertainment includes jazz, blues, Caribbean steel bands, gospel
PHONE: 410-349-0338


Highland Beach Family & Friends Reunion
Labor Day weekend, bi-annual (2005, 2007, 2009 and so on) event attracts 400-500 people to a catered event with live jazz entertainment under tents along the beach; beg a resident to invite you to this private event
ADDRESS: Highland Beach



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