Alex Haley Monument and Kunta Kinte Memorial

Alex Haley Monument and Kunta Kinte Memorial at Annapolis City Dock; (c) Soul Of America


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Annapolis is a small charismatic city anchored by a vibrant waterfront, heritage sites, a state capital, the naval academy, a vibrant walkable downtown, and a historic black beach community nearby.

Founded in 1649, Annapolis was named in 1695 to honor the youngest daughter of a British King

Cultural Sites
Thurgood Marshall Monument, Matthew Henson Plaque and Banneker-Douglass Museum are highlights

Highland Beach
Sons of Frederick Douglass were members of the Massachusetts 54th Colored Troops before founding this Black Town

Heritage Sites
Kunta Kinte Plaque & Alex Haley Memorial honors the Roots ancestors of Alex Haley

U.S. Naval Academy, City Dock, Main Street and Maryland State Archives to research family history

A Living History performance of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad at Banneker-Douglass Museum

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  1. JoeC says:

    Throughout the above text, I wonder if it is necessary to point out every person of color? What is was the purpose of continually indicating black persons? What difference does it make? They contributed to the growth of the country.

    • blue says:

      Since we pioneered Black Travel on the web since 1997, mainstream travel guides did not list black historic sites, cultural sites, churches, restaurants, shops, etc. With exception of noting a couple jazz sites in Harlem, Howard University, and MLK’s gravesite, they did not acknowledge black travel at all. So we have made it a practice to emphasize black travel.

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