Fishing expedition off Trinidad

Fishing expedition off Trinidad

Trinidad Watersports

Located at the southernmost tip of the Caribbean lies Tobago: the “little sister” to Trinidad and the ultimate divers den. Known for its unspoiled beaches, relaxed atmosphere and underwater appeal, Tobago offers water adventurers fascinating coral formations, countless fish and invertebrates, and exceptional water conditions that mix Atlantic and Caribbean currents.

Specifically, Tobago provides an ideal location for divers because of the slow flow of the Guyana current that moves up the eastern coast of South America divides around Trinidad and washes the south and east coasts of Tobago. Warm water rich in nutrients provide a haven for a wide range of marine life making it possible for divers to catch a glimpse of barracudas, dolphins, whale sharks, turtles, porpoises, even the occasional manta rays as well as butterfly fish, queen and French angels and parrotfish.

Tobago is one of the few places in the world where divers can regularly dive with manta rays. Diving is concentrated in five main areas around the island:

St. Giles Islands
Man O’ War Bay
North Coast
Columbus Passage

Angel Reef
Divers can find thousands of barrel, rope and tube sponges. The coral in Tobago is in excellent health and large sizes such as the brain coral heads (reported as being the largest in the world) are estimated to be hundreds of years old and span more than 13 feet across.

Buccoo Reef
Its the largest coral reef in Tobago and was designated as a marine park in 1973. The popular dive site contains a reef system of five flats separated by deep channels. A spectrum of color is offered by the coral gardens and the marine life supported by the reef.

A major feature is the Nylon Pool, a given the name by Princess Margaret after her visit there in 1962, who thought the water was as clear as her nylon stockings. This unique feature of the reef complex allows swimmers to enjoy their own private swimming pool. Depths are no greater than 7-10 feet at high tides. Local folklore promises that a swim in the waters of the Nylon Pool will make you look five years younger.

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Kayaking in Trinidad is pleasant for those who do not want to contend with large waves, and ocean swells. Chaguaramas, on the western peninsula and Godineau River in south Trinidad are popular kayaking sites.

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