Trinidad & Tobago Ferry

Trinidad & Tobago Ferry seats 400 passengers; credit Trinidad & Tobago Tourism

Trinidad & Tobago Transportation

Piarco International Airport (POS) is an international airport serving the island of Trinidad. The airport is 19 miles east of Port of Spain, in the adjacent town of Piarco. It is the seventh busiest airport in the Caribbean in terms of passengers. A major expansion of the airport, which included construction of two terminals, was completed in 2001.

Daily flights in and out of Piarco are by JetBlue, Copa Airlines, Air France, American, Air Canada, Caribbean Airlines, Surinam Airways, Westjet and United Airlines. The Main Terminal is modernized with the usual amenities of a small Caribbean International airport including:

– Bookstores & gift shops
– Immigration
– ATMs and Banking
– Currency Exchange
– Post Office
– Car Rentals
– Duty Free, Shops, Food & Drinks
– Pharmacy

The South Terminal serves executive flights, cargo flights, general aviation and helicopter flights.

Ground Transport

Combining government-owned bus Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC), private-owned mini-buses (Maxi-taxi) and private-owned cars, you can reach all island attractions. Mini-buses and some cars carry passengers along fixed routes for a fixed fare.

In downtown Port of Spain on a street called South Quay is the historic site of the Trinidad Government Railway building. This former railway facility contains loading facilities for PTSC and mini-buses. Maxi Taxi loading facility is utilized by both route two (2) or red banded Maxi Taxis and route three (3) which are green banded. The red-banded Maxi Taxis go eastward to Sangre Grande. Green-banded Maxi Taxis go south to Chaguanas in central Trinidad or to San Fernando on the southwestern coast of Trinidad.

Taxi-stands are scattered at various streets of the town or region, and after sunset some of these taxi-stands may change location, although this changed location is also fixed. Recently there has also been a growth in popularity of American-style taxi-cabs that do not work along a fixed route and they can be booked for specific times for specific journeys.


King’s Wharf with water taxis in San Fernando Ferries operate in the 3-hour travel time between Port of Spain, Trinidad and Scarborough, Tobago. Cars can be brought onto the ferries and kept in the cargo areas. Ferries run daily, but with fewer sailings on weekends. Travel time is 50 mins and the cost is less than $10 per person. If you plan to bring a renal car along, you must check in 3 hours before sailing. Each sailing carries approximately 400 passengers.

Ferries also operate between Port of Spain and San Fernando at up to 5 sailings per morning.


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