Maracas Bay, Trinidad Beaches

Jet ski on Maracas Bay, Trinidad; credit Jim Stephens

Trinidad & Tobago Beaches

Maracas Bay, Trinidad
About an hour from Port of Spain, the drive to this area is a treat in itself, winding through the Northern Range with views of forests where species such as howler and capuchin monkeys, ocelot, Amazon parrots, and wild pigs can be found. Half-moon-shaped Maracas Bay is home to a tranquil, well-maintained beach of fine sand, whose palms frame a horizon of unforgettable sunsets. The beach at Maracas Bay offers a full day of fun and is the place to see and be seen in Trinidad. Maracas Beach is the most popular beach in the North. It is about 45 minutes from Port of Spain. The beach is about 1850 m long and has off white sand. Waves are an average height of 3 feet — ideal for surfing. Facilities are well maintained and include a large car park, tables, benches, changing rooms with showers, toilets and lockers. Visitors can enjoy the tasty local food from nearby vendors. On the hill above the Bay there is a restaurant and bar from which the visitor can enjoy the scenery and tranquility.

Las Cuevas Beach, Trinidad
Three and a half miles east of Maracas Bay is the popular Las Cuevas Bay Beach. Sheltered by the curved embrace of the Northern Range, the surf at Las Cuevas is gentler than that at Maracas Bay. Popular features include a snack bar, picnic tables, benches, changing rooms and shower facilities available to visitors. Most importantly for families, lifeguards are on duty each day.

Pigeon Point, Tobago
Picture a small peninsula with tall swaying coconut trees, with open palm-thatched huts on a beach that slopes gently down to the sea, where you can sit and dig your toes into the sand, or take a stroll around the northern corner of the point and feel the fresh Caribbean breeze on your face. That’s Pigeon Point Beach, located on the leeward side of Tobago, Pigeon Point is perhaps the island’s best sea and land encounter with over 1600 meters of white sand. The islands most famous beach can boast of powdery white sand and leaning coconut palms. Located on a private coconut estate, the small admission fee entitles you to use of the beaches facilities. There is a gift shop, washroom/ showers, snack shop and entertainment stand. One of the most memorable landmarks of Tobago is the little coconut palm covered shelter at the end of the jetty.

Englishman’s Bay, Tobago
The beach at Englishman’s Bay, on the leeward side of Tobago, is buffered by verdant headlands that cradle a U-shaped beach stretching about a mile. On the southern end of the strand, a freshwater stream flows from the island’s lush rainforest interior to the sea. And just offshore, brilliant coral reefs ripple with tropical fish. There are no official facilities here, apart from a small snack cart run by a local selling pies and drinks. But when it comes to a secluded spot to lay out your towel in completely untouched surrounds, few beaches can hang with Englishman’s Bay.

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