Harvesting bananas on Tortola Eco-Travel

Harvesting bananas on Tortola; credit BVI Tourism

Tortola Eco-Travel

Tortola Eco-Travel is a relatively new marketing concept to the British Virgin Islands. Though portions of the island were clear-cut in the 1700s for sugar plantations and real estate developments emerged in the 1900s, mountainous natural parks and enough verdant landscape was preserved to tempt every hiker. In the last two decades, the BVI has also embraced preservation of green space and coral reef for eco-travelers.

Tortola is also home to Sage Mountain, the BVI’s highest peak at 1,716 feet above sea level. The mountain is also the centerpiece of Sage Mountain National Park, which has a trail that leads to the mountain top, where hikers are rewarded with magnificent sea and island views. While eco-travel is less developed than Dominica, Martinique and St. Lucia, the British Virgin Islands are less developed than the U. S. Virgin Islands, so a larger percentage of lodgings tend are in natural surroundings. You don’t have to camp out to stay in nature-friendly lodging.

The Cooper Island Beach Club meets the middle ground between luxury and roughing it. While most activities in the British Virgin Islands are water-based, there are a number of leisure pursuits on land, from soft to high adventure thrills. If hiking nature trails is not for you, enjoy horseback riding on the beach or kayaking in calm-water mangrove. Guana Island is a private island with only one hotel. The entire island is a wildlife sanctuary watched over by the attentive owners.

BVI Eco-Tours
Professionally guided Tortola Eco-Travel tours handle snorkeling, hiking, bird watching, sightseeing and many other island tours. Their eco-tours introduce you to the natural environment that makes the BVI a special destination for greater appreciation of “Nature‘s Little Secrets.” A snorkeling trip in one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world is also high on the fun meter.
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