Handsome guys celebrating BVI Emancipation Festival in Tortola

PHOTOS: Brothers celebrating BVI Emancipation Festival & more in Tortola, BVI; credit BVI Tourism Board

Tortola, BVI

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Tortola, BVI is known for tapping Atlantic and Caribbean trade winds to be one of the world’s sailing capitals, scenic mountain trails, great beach coves, hotels with scenic overlooks and Friday night lobster fries.

The first recorded settlement of Tortola was by Arawak Indians who came in 100 BC.

There are arts, shopping, dining options, and historic sites liberated from their colonial days.

Though portions of the island were clear-cut for sugar plantations, mountainous parks survive.

The most popular North Coast beach features powdery off-white sand spread over its 5500 feet length.

Black Boaters Summit
BBS originated from a collaboration between a BVI-based yacht company and Paul Mixon.

BVI Emancipation Festival
A 2-week long festival starting end of July, celebrating freedom from slavery and colonialism.

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Travel Tips
Now, this is a joyful holiday few Americans have heard of — St. Ursula’s Day.


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