Horseback riding along the beach of St. Maarten Eco-Travel

Guided horseback riding along a beach in St. Maarten; credit St. Maarten Tourism

St. Martin / St. Maarten Eco-Travel

Often dry subtropical climate invites exceptional flora and fauna making St. Martin / St. Maarten Eco-Travel a key entry on the list of places to hike, bike, horseback ride, and zipline. At 1391 feet, Pic Paradis summit offers sweeping panoramic views over the entire island and neighboring islands. It is the starting point for many nature walks through lush tropical vegetation.

Recognizing these tourism opportunities, local authorities have increased efforts to protect the island’s natural assets. In the interests of environmental protection, St. Maarten / St. Martin stepped up their ecotourism with a wider range of hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, quad-biking, and kayaking along paths that allow you to discover the island without damaging its natural resources. The contrast between lush vegetation and dry scrub on the island is striking. Cactus, bougainvillea, and flamboyant grow side by side with hibiscus, coconut palms, and ferns in this tropical paradise.

In recent years sargassum weed has arrived on the south Dutch shoreline, but the northern French coast is generally free of the weed. Along the coastline and on the edges of the mangrove swamps, terns, frigatebirds, gannets, brown pelicans and other bird species coexist, while bananaquits and hummingbirds are frequent garden visitors. Lizards and iguanas bask nonchalantly on the island’s sunny rocks.

French Side – St. Martin

Dream of Trails (hiking) – Marigot – 0690 41 17 07
La Réserve Naturelle (hiking) – Anse Marcel – 0590 29 09 72
Loterie Farm (hanging / hiking / swimming pool) – Pic Paradis – 0590. 87 86 16
Le Ranch du Galion (horse rides) – Galion – 0690 76 96 24
Seaworld Explorer (seabed visit) – Grand-Case – +1721 5 42 40 78
SXM E-bike (electrical bikes) – Grand-Case – 0690 28 84 99

Dutch Side – St. Maarten

Parrot Ville (bird sanctuary) – +1 721 5808516
Rain Forest Adventure Park (zip-lining) – +1 721 5431135
Sea Grape Tours (art / history / bird tour) – +1 721 5860297
Sea Horse Sun (horse & pony rides) – Cole Bay – 0690 72 18 27
Seaside Nature Park (horseback riding / petting zoo) – +1 721 5445255
Tri Sport (tours by kayak, biking, hiking) – Simpson Bay/Philipsburg – +1 721 5454384


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