St. Lucia

Rainbow at Gros Piton, St. Lucia

A rainbow meets Gros Piton in St. Lucia

St. Lucia

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St. Lucia is a wonderful volcanic mountain island in the midst of the Caribbean’s Windward Islands. Situated well south of Antigua, it avoids most hurricanes, but invites curious exploration and rejuvenation.

La Toc, Reduit, Marigot Bay, Jalousie, Pigeon Island National Park, Anse Louvert, Grand Anse beaches provide features that appeal to the broadest range of travelers and residents. Each remarkable its its own way on this volcanic island … More

We still have many British characteristics and, although English is the official language, French patois is widely spoken by the locals. In spirit, the island is influenced by many cultures. St. Lucians drive on the left and have a passion for cricket. But the Caribbean influence surfaces in … More

From beautiful Marigot Bay to the man-made lagoon in Rodney Bay, the island will capture your heart the way it captures yachtsmen every year and movie crews nearly as often. This island is intimate and yet, big enough to need a tour guide to explore all of its wonders … More

St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival – R&B Headliners
As a Baby Boomer R&B fanatic from way back, I was curious about the Jacksons, excited about the O’Jays and less than thrilled about Akon. I was about to get an island update … More

St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival
Beckoned from outside the performance venues, the lush island named for a 16th-century saint known for her generous spirit. To enjoy the St. Lucia Arts and Jazz Festival is to indulge in music and culture, while reserving time to explore the island’s natural beauty … More

Where to Stay in St. Lucia
Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa is one of three sister properties in the popular Rodney Bay neighborhood. Sitting on a curve of Reduit Beach, the resort provides great accommodations for families … More

Travel Tips
The major holidays are New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday, Labour Day, Whit Monday, Corpus Christi, Emancipation Day … More

Ride horseback on the beach, St. Lucia Attractions

Ride horseback on the beach, St. Lucia; St. Lucia Tourism


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