Mugs in hand, ready for St. Lucia Carnival

Mugs in hand, these friends are ready for more fun at St. Lucia Carnival; credit St. Lucia Tourism

St. Lucia

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Geographically, St. Lucia is a volcanic mountain island in the midst of the Caribbean’s Windward Islands. Culturally, it invites curious visitor exploration, rejuvenation, and celebration of life.

British abolition of slavery in 1833 ended the rein of large sugar plantations on this and other islands.

La Toc, Reduit, Marigot Bay, Jalousie, Anse Louvert, and Grand Anse beaches have broad appeal to travelers.

From beautiful Marigot Bay to the man-made lagoon in Rodney Bay, the island will capture your heart.

Jazz & Arts Festival – R&B Headliners
As a Baby Boomer R&B fanatic, I was curious about the Jacksons and excited about the O’Jays.

Jazz & Arts Festival
To enjoy this festival is to indulge in music and culture while having extra time to explore the island’s beauty.

Where to Stay
Bay Gardens Beach Resort is one of three sister properties in the popular Rodney Bay neighborhood.

Travel Tips
Due to its southern location, the island is less prone to hurricanes than most Caribbean Islands.


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