St. Kitts Travel Tips

Girls playing after church in St. Kitts; credit SKTA

St. Kitts Travel Tips


Official Language: English
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time
Est. Population: 31,880
Cruise Port City: Basseterre

Travel Tips

Passports are required for U.S. citizens.

The island’s tropical climate averages 79 degrees. As a result, the “dress code” is always “island casual.” Anytime is a great time of the year to travel here. With the island’s tropical climate, brief showers can come at any time.

Currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar with U.S. dollars and credit cards accepted by most establishments. Banks are open from 8am-2pm (Monday-Thursday), 8am-4pm (Friday) and 8:30am-11am (Saturday). Most stores are open 8am-4pm (Monday-Saturday).

St. Kitts is on Atlantic Standard Time.

English is the official language.

You can make phone calls from phone booths around the island. Get a local phone card for the best rates.

The main post office is located in Basseterre. Post office hours are 8am-3pm (Monday-Wednesday, Friday), 8am-12pm (Thursday, Saturday).

Drink bottled water when available. Bring sunglasses, a hat and plenty of sunscreen lotion.

Electricity is different than the U.S., so bring an adapter.

If you rent a car, remember to drive on the left.

The major holidays in St. Kitts are New Year’s Day, Carnival, Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday, May Day, Whit Monday, Queen’s Birthday, August Monday, Independence Day, Christmas, and Boxing Day.

The crime rate is less than a major metropolitan city, but visitors should use common sense when out and about.

Jewelry merchant at St. Kitts

Jewelry merchant at St. Kitts; credit SKTA

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