Sandy Point Beach on St. Kitts

Sandy Point Beach on St. Kitts; credit SKTA

St. Kitts Beaches

The best St. Kitts Beaches adorn the southeast peninsula and have pristine golden sands, sheltered waters and fine views of nearby Nevis. Cockleshell Bay is the most popular but never feels overcrowded, with a good choice of bars, restaurants and watersports. Adjacent to this, crescent-shaped Banana Bay has sands on the southern, Caribbean Sea-facing side of the island are the most family-friendly. South Friars Bay is ideal for a long beach combing walk with a number of bars along the way. Beaches on the northern, Atlantic-facing side are wilder with few facilities, so they’re better for a bracing walk or kiteboarding, while there are black volcanic sands in the north at Dieppe Bay.

Frigate Bay
An off-the-beaten-track gem on the Atlantic side of the island, this beach features long stretches of white sand solitude. Not all is quiet however, there are beachfront condos, luxury houses and hotels. The swimming is outstanding in the long reef both beautiful and safe up to surf high.

Majors Bay
A rarely busy gem of a beach, Majors is located a few yards from the tip of the south-east peninsula highway, just next to where the Sea Bridge ferry to Nevis picks up and lets off vehicles and passengers. The long narrow stretch of golden sand, warm blue water that always attracts romantic couples.

South Friar’s
Located off the south-east peninsula highway just beyond Frigate Bay is a place frequented by islanders. And the popular bars and restaurants display effortless local charm. There’s Soca and Reggae is accompanied by dancing under the stars. Despite the crowds and inviting looks, be careful at this narrow beach. Treacherous undercurrents are not far from the shore.

Sandy Point Beach
Folklore believes that the area was the original landing point for the English sea captain and explorer, Sir Thomas Warner in 1623. The seaside town became the commercial centre of St. Kitts and one of the busiest ports in the region, as evidenced by the remains of the many former Dutch warehouses lining the shoreline. After 1727, when the bulk of commercial activity was moved to Basseterre, the town and its port slowly diminished in importance. In 1984, the port was closed entirely following the impact of Hurricane Klaus. Today it has a walkable beach with views of the sea and nearby Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park.

Sailboating off the coast of St. Kitts

Sailboating off the coast of St. Kitts; credit SKTA

This is the beach fir Water Sports. Rent kayaks, paddleboards, jetskis and flyboards. For snorkeling, try the clear waters of Whitehouse Bay where you can take divers to top wreck sites fish-rich reef. Leatherback turtles nest here from February to July. See these endangered creatures on night-time eco-tours organized by the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network. They run from April to June.

Sand Bank Bay
There are setback houses, a private beach club with a great stretch of sand. Like most of St Kitts’ best white-sand beaches, this one is superb year round.

Turtle Beach
This lovely stretch of sand on the south-east peninsula requires a ride on dirt road. A small fence makes the beach look like private property. Make your way through it. The bathing’s excellent and snorkelers enjoy schools of fish in the coral reef.

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