St. Kitts man on Mocko-Jumpie welcomes you at the port

St. Kitts man on a Mocko-Jumpie welcomes you at the port; credit SKTA

St. Kitts

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The best beaches of St. Kitts adorn its southeast peninsula with sheltered waters and fine views of nearby Nevis. But don’t let geography hem you in on this wonderful island.

When Thomas Warner arrived in 1624, he founded the first non-Spanish European colony in the Caribbean.

Cockleshell Bay is popular but never feels overcrowded, plus a good choice of bars and water sports.More

St. Kitts Carnival is a colorful display of jubilant pageantry, but just a liiitttttle different.

A Kittitian choir serenades passengers on a narrow railway originally built to transport sugar cane.

Liming with Locals
Catch the Caribbean vibe and ‘lime’ with the people at the places they frequent.

A Diver’s Dream Becomes Reality
The priceless joy of a man returning to his ancestral home with two sons to SCUBA dive.

Travel Tips
Consider visiting during Carnival Day, Good Friday, May Day, Whit Monday or August Monday.


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