Snorkelers holding starfish

Snorkelers holding starfish just offshore of St. John; credit USVI Tourism

St. John Beaches

If you snorkel, please use Reef-Safe Sunscreen. Here is a link to the National Park Service guide that identifies most fish you’ll see

Trunk Bay
Trunk Bay is the most popular beach on St. John. The park’s fantastic underwater snorkeling trail includes interpretive signs. You can also visit the Annaberg Sugar Plantation ruins during your day at the beach. With its white sand, bright blue waters, and verdant foliage, Trunk Bay is considered the most beautiful beach on St. John, despite the occasional crowds.

Cinnamon Bay
This beautiful beach includes a campground for cheap beachfront lodgings. A number of people play pickup volleyball on the tiny cinnamon-colored sand beaches. A number of merchants offer watersport rentals ranging from kayaking, windsurfing and SCUBA diving equipment. Its nice that the beach is also next to Cinnamon Bay nature trail.

Hawksnest Bay
Located close to Cruz Bay on St. John’s north shore, Hawksnest Beach is popular with locals and families as well as tourists. With changing rooms, public picnic tables, enclosed areas, and bathrooms on site, Hawksnest is a great option for a relaxing day at the beach with the family or friends. Hawksnest also shares a cove with Oppenheimer Beach. Its a multi-beach destination on its own​. Its a great choice for family travelers to enjoy.

Maho Bay Beach
This calm roadside beach is great for kids and families. The beach is shaded by Maho Trees, a type of native hibiscus with heart-shaped leaves and yellow flowers. Sea turtles swim in the shallow waters and you can swim alongside them. A nearby trail also leads to the Maho Bay Camps, which offer beach apartments.

Francis Bay Beach
Located on the north shore, this beach is one of the longest on St. John. That makes it so attractive to beach walkers or just chilling on your favorite spot. The west-facing beach sunsets show a spectrum of yellow, orange, red and magenta. Snorkelers will encounter many tropical fish and seabirds. The wide beach regardless of tide and a big public parking lot, is a great destination for travelers who enjoy beautiful beach spots.

Gibney Beach
A quiet strip of sand shadowed by palm trees. The beach has a bohemian reputation. Part of the beach was once owned by Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb. Today, it’s mostly owned by the U.S. National Park Service. This north shore hidden treasure is unmarked from the road, accessible only via a gravel path and on foot. There are tourist cottages that you can rent on the beach, too.

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