St. Croix Beaches

Couple frolicking on Davis Bay on St. Croix; credit USVI Tourism Bureau

St. Croix Beaches

Davis Bay
A long, sandy white beach, located at the Carambola Beach Resort, Davis Bay is quiet and serene. Watch body surfers and windsurfers from a comfortable hammock.

Chenay Bay Beach
Home to a hotel with the same name, this cozy beach is open to the public. Windsurfers, snorkel gear, kayaks and other rentals are available. There is also a popular beachside bar, restaurant and children’s playground.

Cane Bay Beach
Located on North Shore Road, this beach offers a wide sandy beach with moderate surf, but great diving and snorkeling sites. A full-service dive shop, along with the hotels and restaurants nearby, make this a great place to hang out.

Mermaid Beach
Mermaid Beach is a spectacular white sand beach located at the Buccaneer Resort. For those seeking refuge from the bright Caribbean sun, the shore is shaded with tall coconut trees. A beach bar and open-air restaurant are located a short distance from the sandy beachfront. For non-hotel guests, a fee is collected for parking on the hotel grounds.

Dorsch Beach
This small, scenic beach located a short distance from Frederiksted, is a popular spot on weekends for family picnics and gatherings.

Fort Frederik Beach
Known by residents as Frederiksted Beach, Fort Frederik Beach is walking distance from Frederiksted and the Ann E. Abramson Pier. It is also a popular evening spot, both for fishing and sunset watching.

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