Nassau Cultural Sites

Marching band in Nassau with Pirate ship in the background; credit Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Nassau Cultural Sites

Junkanoo Expo
This museum showcases large colorful intricately designed artistic creations from the Junkanoo parades held on the early mornings of December 26 and New Year’s Day
ADDRESS: in the former Customs Warehouse on Prince George Wharf

Doongalik Studios
The artists collective of Jackson Burnside, John Beadle and Stan Burnside typically work together on each piece, which ranges from small wall paintings to hang on a wall to large outdoor sculptures. Their collective works often shout out through the lens of yellow, red and silver, no earth tones here. Perhaps their art is the most sophisticated face of Junkanoo, often outrageous, unmistakably creative, always authentic; judge for yourself.
ADDRESS: 18 Village Road, on east side of Nassau
PHONE: 242-394-1886

Nassau Public Library & Museum
Built in 1797, this octagonal building was formerly the Nassau Jail. Visitors can see the small prison cells, which are now lined with books, or examine a collection of historic prints, old colonial documents, or Arawak Indian artifacts.
ADMISSION: free; daily

Bahamas Historical Museum
History buffs note: this institution traces the history of The Bahamas from Arawak Indian times (pre-Columbus) to present.
DAYS: Mon-Sat
ADDRESS: Elizabeth & Shirley Streets near Parliament Square
PHONE: 242-322-4231

Government House
Located downtown on the corner of Blue Hill Road and Duke Street. Since 1801, this has been the official residence of the Governor (now Governor General) of the Bahamas, personal representative of the British Sovereign.

Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation at Vendue House
Built sometime before 1796 and named for the slave, Pompey, who lived at Steventon on Exuma Island, it functioned as a marketplace until the late 1800s. “Vendue” is French for sold. Unfortunately, enslaved people were among the commodities sold in a two story building. The permanent exhibit is dedicated to the African experience in the Bahamas. See artifacts excavated from former plantations. The museum also acquires objects of African origin. The good news is descendants of the Rolle slaves remain on the land today as owners of the former plantations. Renown Bahamian artist, Amos Ferguson, features some of his best works here. Its wheelchair accessible and has a small gift counter.
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Sat, limited hours
ADDRESS: Bay Street opposite George Street
PHNE: 809-326-2566

Bethel Baptist Church
A Mother church with a rich past, an exciting present and a glorious future. Pastor Timothy Stewart leads this progressive and community active congregation; Sunday worship at 5:30a, 11a, 7p.
ADDRESS: Meeting Street on Nassau
PHONE: 242-323-5000

Guided Walking Tours
Discover historic Nassau and in the pleasant company of a Bahama Host trained guide. Tours depart the Tourist Information Centre in Rawson Square, downtown. Each tour lasts lasts 45 minutes. There is a small touring fee.
DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Sat 10a, 11:30a, 1p, 2:30p & 3:45p
PHONE: 242-326-9772

Bahamas Dance Theatre
Shirley Hall-Bass has helped choreograph presentations for Carifestas in Cuba, Barbados and the United Nations, as well as floorshows and national events in the Bahamas. Shirley also created the Exchange Program with the Sammy Dyer School in Chicago, which she became the owner of in 1960. She used her summer workshops and connections to expose Bahamian dancers to the world of professional dance.

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