Can't wait for the beach in Nassau

Can’t wait for a beach return in Nassau; credit Bahamas Ministry of Tourism


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Nassau and its smaller sibling, Paradise Island, are home to ancient forts, colonial architecture, a zoological garden, a world-class straw market, posh resort hotels, magnificent casinos, cabaret shows and constant stream of cruise ships to this a vibrant tourist destination. Nassau dominates the island of New Providence the same way Honolulu dominates the island of Oahu, so much that people seldom refer to the official island name New Providence Island. The short bridge between Nassau and Paradise Island makes island hopping effortless for travelers.

The island’s name, New Providence, is derived from the date when Christopher Columbus sailed here in 1493 and called it “Nuestra Senora de Las Nieves”, which means “Our Lady of the Snows” because of the cloud-capped mountain reminding him of snow … More

Cultural Sites
Junkanoo Expo Museum showcases large colorful intricately designed artistic creations from the Junkanoo parades. Poppy Museum chronicles the African presence and contributions to The Bahamas … More

Slaves were given a special holiday from plantations at Christmas, to be with family and celebrate with African dance, music, costumes and call on the spirit of the ancestors while giving themselves over to joyful exuberance. Today, Junkanoo … More

This petite island has five beautifully-restored sugar plantations that are now elegant inns. Each has its own personality, style, amenities and history. Montpelier Plantation Inn, British in style and demeanor … More

Cable Beach and Baha Mar the largest contiguous resort areas on the island. Located west of Downtown Nassau, visitors love its many white sand beaches and bonanza of recreational activities … More

Nearly all cruise vendors provide or rent masks and snorkels. Look for gold black and blue BAHAMAHOST decals on Taxis. It symbolizes that the driver is certified … More

Travel Tips
Major holidays in all islands of the Bahamas are Emancipation Day, Discovery Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, Junkanoo and a few others we recognize in America … More


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