run along Cable Beach, Nassau

The girl can’t wait to run along Cable Beach, Nassau; credit BMOT


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Nassau is home to ancient forts, colonial architecture plantations, posh casino resort hotels, a Paradise Island, cabaret shows, a zoological garden, a straw market, and a battery of cruise ships only 185 miles offshore from Miami.

By the late 1600s, hundreds of small islands made the Bahamas ideal for pirates.

Cultural Sites
Pompey Museum of Slavery & Emancipation is dedicated to the Bahamas’ African experience.

Cable Beach and Baha Mar anchor y miles of contiguous beach resort area on Nassau.

Nearly all cruise vendors and large resorts provide or rent masks and snorkels.

Nassau Festivals
Junkanoo was created by African slaves given a holiday from plantation work at Christmas.

Enjoy challenging golf courses and restored sugar plantations re-imagined as elegant inns.

Travel Tips
Consider timing visits during Emancipation Day, Discovery Day, Boxing Day, or Junkanoo.


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