Parasailing from the Beach, Mazatlan Watersports

Parasailing from the beach, Mazatlan; credit Wiki

Mazatlan Watersports

Mazatlan Sportfishing is some of the best in the world. Just across the Sea of Cortez from the marlin-rich waters of Cabo San Lucas, fish these waters year-round for sailfish, wahoo, mahi mahi and large yellowfin tuna. Sportfishing options include deep sea big-game fishing on tours that last 5-8 hours, depending on your budget. If you want to do bottom fishing instead, that’s not a problem – couple that with our Bass Fishing options, and we’ve got the right trip for everyone!

Catamaran Cruising is a low-key way to spend an afternoon enjoying Mazatlan Watersports from the deck of a boat that smooths out many of the waves. Enjoy sun rays and cocktails from the open bar, snorkeling, beach activities sailing on a Catamaran around the bay. Or you can take a double-decker catamaran to Stone Island to enjoy activities like snorkeling, ATV tours, horseback riding, or riding a banana boat. For some couples, there’s no better way to see the dazzling lights of the setting sun reflecting off the windows of the Mazatlan skyline than on a sunset cruise.

Perhaps 60-foot double-decker party boat catamaran is more to your liking. You and old/new friends can enjoy a boat is fully equipped with amenities to party in the bar, food area, DJ booth, a shaded lower-deck and an open upper-deck to enjoy the best views of Mazatlan. You can also experience a variety of water activities such as: kayaks, paddleboards and water carpets accompanied by an open bar. From the upper deck you’ll enjoy watching surfers ride he waves.

Mazatlan Cliff Diving has been a Mazatlan tradition since the 1950s. It is performed in small oceanside park hewn from coastline rocks and named Parque Gloriaeta Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada. On Google Map, the park is located just north of Olas Atlas Beach. It is the original dive platform. The jumps are nearly 50 feet high and divers must laugh outwards 5 feet to ensure they don’t hit rocks close to the waterline. Divers time their jump with incoming waves to ensure there is more water depth when they hit the surface. For safety, other cliff divers help them time the leap. While cliff diving does not have a set schedule, divers usually begin around noon and continue to late afternoon during good, non-windy weather.

Parasail up to 300 feet over Mazatlan, where you’ll be amazed at the peacefulness of silently gliding through the sky. As you’re pulled by a speedboat, take remarkable aerial photos of the city. Afterwards, relax on the beach, swim in the pool, or have spirits or food at the snack bar, restaurant or another bar at the Posada Freeman hotel in the Golden Zone.

Dolphins in the Wild is a keystone opportunity to swim with them in their natural habitat. Your tour is guided by marine scientists and naturalists from Mazatlan. During your tour, they’ll collect information about the ecology and behavior of the dolphins and taking photographs of the dolphins’ dorsal fins for their individual identification. With hands-on experience in dolphin conservation and research techniques, feel like a junior naturalist. While you’re at it, snorkel in some of the best spots around Deer Island and Bird Island.

SCUBA Diving in Mazatlan remains vibrant because human interaction with the underwater ecosystem has been relatively minimal compared to destinations like Cozumel and Cancun. Dives take place near the three islands off the coast of Mazatlan — Deer Island, Bird Island and Wolf Island. Never dived before? A Discover Scuba Diving course is for you.

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