Cliff Diver, Mazatlan

Cliff Diver leaps near the Malecon, Mazatlan; (c) Soul Of America


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Flanking the Sea of Cortez in the Sinaloa state of Mexico, is Mazatlan, a tropical resort city with seductive & diverse attractions. It is at once a world-renown beach boardwalk, historic & cultural center and a launching pad for eco-travel.

For centuries, Mazatlán was populated by Totorames who lived by hunting, gathering and fishing.

Savor flank steak one evening outside of Pedro y Lola’s fronts Plazuela Machado, the town square.

Immersing In The Language Of Mexico
As the Spanish-speaking population in America grows, its becoming more of a valuable asset.

It is home to over 400 species of birds, including 35 species endemic to Mexico.

The Golden Zone sits along a beach lined with hotels range from new & luxurious to quaint & mature.

Enjoy sport fishing, daylight and sunset catamaran cruise, parasailing, banana boat rides and diving.

Travel Tips
Electricity is the same as the U.S., however some outlets may require a converter.


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