Cliff Diver, Mazatlan

Cliff Diver near the Malecon, Mazatlan; (c) Soul Of America


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Flanking the Sea of Cortez in the Sinaloa state of Mexico, is Mazatlan, a tropical resort city with seductive & diverse attractions. It is at once a world-renown beach boardwalk, historic & cultural center and a launching pad for great eco-travel adventures. This Latin resort town is only a short flight from any U.S. cities or a pleasant cruise from Los Angeles.

For centuries, Mazatlán was populated by Totorames, who lived by hunting, gathering, fishing and agriculture. Then a group of Spaniards led by Nuño de Guzmán founded a settlement here on Easter Sunday in 1531 … More

I am savoring fork-tender flank steak one evening outside of Pedro y Lola’s, an always-crowded restaurant that fronts Plazuela Machado, Mazatlan’s chic, revitalized town square. The plaza is ablaze with strings of lights draping trees and shrubs. The air hums with … More

Immersing In The Language Of Mexico
I jumped at the chance to enroll in a Spanish immersion course. As the Spanish-speaking population in the United States grows, its becoming more of an interesting and valuable asset … More

Eco-tours often venture to the neighboring state of Nayarit, with tour guides who show you the colonial capital of San Blas and the nature preserve of La Tovara. Its home to over 400 species of birds, including 35 species endemic to Mexico … More

The Golden Zone, Mazatlan’s official tourist mecca, sits along a beach lined with hotels that range from new and luxurious to quaint and mature … More

Mazatlan features sport fishing, daylight and sunset catamaran cruise, parasailing, banana boat rides, snorkeling and SCUBA diving at nearby islands and more … More

Travel Tips
Electricity is the same as the U.S. however some outlets may require a converter. If you are not sure about outlets in your lodging, plan to use a laptop, purchase a surge protector in Mexico … More


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