Haitian dancers at Labadee Attractions

Haitian dancers on Labadee; (c) Soul Of America

Labadee Attractions

Labadee Attractions are highlighted by the local folkloric show located near Café Labadee. Many cruise passengers overlook this unique show featuring colorful costumes, energetic dancers, drums, African-Caribbean dancing, fire eating, walking on burning coals and more. Stop at the burning coals part. You will be amazed. The main attraction besides shopping is enjoying the many water activities. Every dollar spent directly with locals helps their impoverished nation.

Artisan’s Market
Market is filled with specialty stores that offer statues, tapestries, exotic fabrics, hand-made pottery, jewelry, Barbancourt rum, hand decorated dresses, sarongs and unique Paper Mache artwork and more. They accept traveler’s checks and credit cards.

Café Labadee
The cruise ship’s barbecue is served here. The buffet usually includes hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, salads, punch, ice tea and musical entertainment.

Dragon’s Rock Café
Buffet service available.

Haitian Market
This is the place for bargain hunters that enjoy haggling with local vendors. Fine carved statues, tableware, a colorful variety of small and large original oil paintings and various crafts are available. They accept cash only.

Nellie’s Place
A tropical bar serving various exotic drinks.

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