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Dubai International Airport; credit Konstantin Von Wedelstaedt

Dubai Transportation


Dubai International Airport (DXB) is one of the busiest airports in the world for international flights. That will be obvious when you see its arsenal of extra-large passenger jets by Boeing and Airbus. Airlines that fly from the USA to Dubai are:

Air Canada
Air France
Air India
British Airways
Ethiopian Airlines
Kuwait Airways
Royal Jordanian

DXB installed the largest solar energy system in the region’s airports as part of Dubai’s goal to reduce 30% of the city’s energy consumption by 2030. It’s important to know which terminal you are flying from on return trips or airport transfers.

Terminal 1: All international airlines, except Emirates
Terminal 2: Flydubai and other regional and international airlines
Terminal 3: Emirates and some flydubai flights

DXB Airport is only 3 miles east of Dubai, so trips from the airport are short. It has two Dubai Metro stations. This modern transit system is clean, runs frequently, is air-conditioned, and is cost-effective. You’re allowed to bring up to two pieces of luggage (with one being hand luggage) on Metro. The front carriage on each train is the gold class for a small premium with views through the driverless front window.

The airport recommends that you arrive 3-4 hours early for flights. There are plenty of fast food dining options in the terminals if needed.

DXB has a variety of sleep options to suit every requirement and budget. Sleep ‘n Fly offers sleep pods, state-of-the-art “flexisuites”, and sleep cabins. There are even nap rooms you can rent for an hour to a whole night, or anything in between at Terminal 3, Concourse A and C; Terminal 1, Concourse D. For luxurious accommodation, check in at Dubai International Hotel which has stunning views over the concourse at Terminal 3.

An air-conditioned Dubai Metro Station

An air-conditioned Dubai Metro Station; (c) Soul Of America

Rapid Transit

Dubai Metro stations and trains are clean and train rides are quick between each air-conditioned station. The Metro features Red and Green lines with stops at popular destinations. Some cabins are designed for women and children. The Metro can be crowded in the morning and evening hours.

The Metro system offers WiFi. Stations are secured with over 3000 cameras and a Metro police force that enable women commuters to feel safe at all times. There are informative displays about trains and stations.

Trains run frequently from DXB Airport Terminals 1 and 3, with both stations on the Red Line. The Red Line runs from 5 am-Midnight, Saturday-Wednesday; 5 am-1 am Thursday and 10 am-1 am Friday.

Dubai Tram links Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail and runs along Al Sufouh Road and Jumeirah Beach Road. It uses Platform Screen Doors in stations fully aligned with the tram›s doors opening & shutting, providing safety for passengers, while protecting the quality of the air-conditioning in the stations. See this Metro, Monorail & Tram Map.

There is also a monorail from the Tram to Palm Jameirah Island. Download the mobile app at their website When riding, respect personal space, give way to other people, move down into the cabins, and allow passengers to get off the train before you get on.

Only consider public buses to visit beaches in Dubai.


If you are in Dubai for business and have a nice travel budget, consider renting a luxury/sports car to impress clients. This oil-rich city welcomes ostentatious wealth or its appearance of it. If you are in Dubai as a tourist, it’s still a good idea to rent a car on a daily or weekly basis to conveniently get between attractions at your own pace.

Dubai highways are modern and efficient, with English & Arabic signage. Due to the skyscraper density in this beachfront city, there is a lot of traffic during rush hours. The same way Americans think of Sunday, Dubai residents think of Friday and Saturday, making traffic lighter on those days.

Use a regular taxi or Uber if you have large luggage.

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